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I could kill my parents,

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As I have boasted before I am expecting a kitten at the end of next month I am very excited life is good,
My parents went out and bought my teenage sister a rabbit behind my back!
If thats not bad enough shes hardly the maternal type and I have ended up with him most days because I apparently "Have no social life" according to my sis,
Shes cleaned him out but thats about it, I have ended up giving it attention the cage is even in my damn room,(door always open of course) he runs around now like he owns the place thanks to her, but I am now dreading the months ahead

Is there any way I can get the rabbit and the kitten to get on or is it somewhat of a long shot?!
I had everything perfectly planned out and yet I am left with more than I bargianed for yet again!

<Rant over>

though he is rather cute
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I dont see why not particulary with a kitten. We had a dwarf lop eared bunny who ran around the lounge with the cats. Why is your sister pet in your room, seems a little unfair on you if your parents bought it for her.

We never left them alone together as our cats are adults and Jake does have the hunter in him. But they never attacked him, Jaz did use to chase him a bit, but our bun would thump his hind leg and she would stop

Unfortunatley we didnt have him very long as he died whilst being neutered, poor bun. He was a cracking little fella. We have a guinea pig now who Jaz also chases on occasion but the other 2 dont take any notice of him.
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I think it'll be fine, especially if the two grow up together. We used to have a cat and a ferret that were best friends. As long as kitty knows that the rabbit is a friend, not food, (or toy...) it should be fine.
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Oh good I hope your right its comforting to know, The kitten will be weeks old the rabbit is under a year himself apparently

Yes it is unfair but she has been asking them and asking them of course she doesn't even know the meaning of the word responsability!,
Hes in here because shes gone out and I like him to have company and space to play and run around,

I just don't want this place turning into fort knox,
My parents thought she would be a bit left out with this kitten on the way etc as I am modifying my house and buying allsorts,and she whined to get her way!
But it looks as if I have ended up with both!

Be cute if they did get on, less stressful for me,
I think I will lay off the rabbit flavoured cat foods
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Our neighbor's daughters both had full-grown rabbits (and the son a ferret) when we brought Jamie home at 10 weeks, and he always got along fine with the rabbits. They were a little sceptical of him at first, but were soon running around with him, or cuddling.
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