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My cat's depressed, what do I do?

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Hey people. For a while now my cat Zobi has been acting very depressed. He sleeps all the time and doesn’t like to play anymore. He used to be a very active cat, but now the only thing he does is sleep and stays a way from us. He wont play and when we pick him up he just meows and groans because he wants down. We've took him to the vet the other day and the doctor said that he's perfectly healthy. He's eating and drinking well. There hasn't been any changes around the house in a while. So it can't be something like that. So does anyone know what could be making him act this way? please help, thanks.
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How old is Zobi? Is he neutered? Did the vet take any blood? Is he pottying normally? Did you change any household cleansers, or laundry detergent? Move his bed or litterbox, or close off any rooms?
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Zobi is about 6 months old, he is neutered. The vet did not any blood, but he has a follow up appointment on april 10th. He's useing the 'potty' just fine. Didn't change the household cleansers or laundry detergent. His litterbox is in the same place. We close off the living room at night time when everyone is a sleep, but that isn't new, its been that way since we've got him.
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In my opinion, the activity level of a 6 month old kitten should be a lot higher. I had a "mellow" kitten that eventually came down with FIP. Now, I'm certainly not saying your kitty has that, but it sounds like he doesn't feel good or feels pain, possibly. Also, do you think he could be lonely? How long have you had him? Did he have littermates? Not sure if you have other cats. Can't think of anything else right now, but I'd do some blood work. Specifically, see if his proteins are elevated. Let's hope he just needs a buddy!
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Well i dont know what FIP is but right after i'm done typing this, i'll research it. But i highly doubt that he's lonely because he does have a play mate, we have another cat, much smaller, two months old, her name is Haliey. I sould have mentioned that before, sorry. But one of the things that i have notieced is that Zobi plays really well with Haliey. but not with us. Whats that about?
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OK, when are where did you get him? How old was he? How long have you had Hailey? Maybe he's tired from playing with her?

Sometimes cats have more of a bond with each other than with the people in the house (although it's more common with dogs). How are you trying to play with him? Feathers, Cat Dancer, catnip, string?
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Well we got him about four/five months ago from a local pet store. He was about two months old. We've had Haliey for three weeks. I don't think he'd be tired from playing with her because it rarly occurs that they run around and play alot. Maybe once a day for five or ten minutes. But they sleep together and get along great.
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Well, in my opinion, what is wrong is that he wasn't properly socialized to humans. When they are very small they need to be (carefully) handled by several different people, including children, and they will be very friendly and sweet. The other problem is that they were taken away from their mother way too young. I would say 10 weeks is the minimum, and 12 - 14 weeks is best. That's just not a breeder thing, it has to do with what Momma teaches them. Hopefully someone else will read the thread and have some ideas on how to help socialize this kitty.
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Its not that he wasn't socialized. He was fine with us untill two weeks ago. Played fine, slepted on our laps and everything. So i doubt he wasn't socialized well. He was the happiest little cat before a couple of weeks ago.
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Oh heck, thought I had it. Well, maybe the vet will be able to figure something out. Owners almost always can tell then their cat is "off" or not right. I have heard of cats being on antidepressants, but I think it is for not eating or something like that. Maybe you can search the forums on the word "depressed".
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Sorry, but I thought I'd ask a few questions if that's alright...

About how much does your kitty sleep? Cats sleep an average of 18 out of the 24hrs in a he's still young and growing. I noticed that our babies slept more than that 18 during growing, and VERY soundly.

The vet checked him over for injuries, right?

Have you tried playing with him to get him more interactive with you guys? How about using a laser pointer as a toy (most cats go nuts over them)?

About how long has he been like this?

I agree about the blood work. If none of my questions still sound right, you should definitely ask your vet to do a more extensive exam with blood work and such.

Let us know how it goes, ok? Much love and hugs to you both!
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I'll just jump in here with my two cents worth. I would first make sure your cat has been given a clean bill of health from your doctor. He might be like mine and have randomly eaten something that's making him feel a little off.

If all that comes back normal, then it sounds a bit like a phase my Rambo went through. i called it his teenage period. He was a crabby, only wanted to eat and sleep and be left alone. This went on for a few weeks, then he seemed to have a growth spurt and he was back playing and cuddly again. The difference was night and day. Just a thought...good luck
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I would definitely have the vet run more tests or get a second opinion. That is way too young to be acting "depressed". Usually when animal seems depressed, there's something physically wrong. Not to alarm you, but I had an older cat that was eating and drinking fine up until a day before she died of a cancerous tumor in her throat that I didn't know she had! I thought she was starting to look "old" and had lost some weight but I didn't take it seriously because she was eating every day! The point being that.... I'll never assume they're OK..... I like to play it safe and take them to the vet if anything doesn't seem right. Especially at that age. It definitely does not seem normal. My cats also acted that way with an upper respiratory infection with just a little sneezing and eye infection, so it could be something minor.
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I agree, I think he needs some bloodwork done. A 6 month old kitten should be off the walls, broken up with cat naps. Lethargic behavior is not a great sign. I kind of wonder about his blood-sugar. But again a blood-panel should reveal something...and if not...well I think its a first step.
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wow, thanks for all the feed back from you all. I'll get to responding:

well when i'm not trying to play with him and get him active and he when he's not using the restroom or eating, he's either on the couch or on the cat furniture or on his bed sleeping or just watching what we are doing or stairing into space. So he sleeps quite often. Ya, the doc checked him over for injurys. I've tried a lot of toys, but not a lasser, i'll get on of those this weekend. He's been like this for about two, two and half, weeks. I'll let u know what happens.

Your right, he might have eat'n somthing that would make him feel bad, but i would think it would have left his system already. And i really hope its just his "teenage period."

First of all i'm sorry bout your cat that had the tumor, thats so sad. He has his booster shot for the respiratory infection stuff in about a week and a half and so i'll have to doctor check him more and do some test if need be.

thanks for the comment.

So ya, all you guys, thanks for the help. if you have anymore commenTs, let me know.
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Question: Do you think he might have eaten something weird? I'm not one to pose the idea that something might be wrong that's huge (because I don't like to scare people), but he might have a blockage. Is he (excuse the crudity of the way I put it) pooping and peeing okay?

Sorry if I'm posing an idea someone else has already...just woke up. Lol...
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