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Cat Treat Survey

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Hello Kind CatSite Forum users,

I would definitely appreciate your guys' help in filling out a quick survey (about 10 mins) for my MBA class! The survey is conducted by Cornell MBA students in conjunction with a marketing research class. Please note that your identity will be kept anonymous and your candid answers will be appreciated to help us gain insight into the behaviors and preferences of cat owners nationwide. Thank you very much for your time!

Please follow the link below!

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Done and done.
Although, some of your questions are repetitive and I am quite sure that your post is against site policy.
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I filled out the survey for you. Hope it helps.
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Done, and I would like to know the results.
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Done! Cornell's a great school. I'm in central New York too (I go to that school an hour north of you that has that has a fruit as its mascot ) and I love this area. Glad I could contribute.
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I took the survey as well - good luck!
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I don't know the forums rules inside and out, but i filled it out.
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Done!! Please let us know the results!!!
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