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Cat Pooping problems

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Hey everyone!

I hope you guys can help, I am really getting frustrated and upset and love my kitty very much. I have had "calie" for 3 years now, about 1.5 years ago we got her a little sister "cortana". They really did not like each other at first but have a great time playing together now.

about 6 months ago cortana turned 1! yay! but at this same time we started to find a random poop on the spare bed in out apartment. So first we decided to bring both cats to the vet and they are both as heathly as ever! next we put up a second AND third little box and it seemed to be helping, so we cleaned the sheets on the bed satisfied with the situation. THe next day we found a poop. sigh.... so we cleaned up the poop but left that sheet on the bed.... a couple months go by with no more incidents, so again we decided to clean the sheets on the bed and the very next morning there was a poop on the spare bed AGAIN!!!, this is getting kinda frustrating.... now 6 months have gone by and everything is A.O.K. except if we clean the sheets..,.... is this a territorial issue?? why is she always pooping on clean sheets on that bed??? and that is the ONLY time she poops outside of her box... any ideas??

let me know please I would love the help!!
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Wow... that is baffling. Hopefully someone can answer! When I started reading I was going to say to make sure you get the smell out or she'll keep doing it, but obviously that's not the problem.

Does you detergent smell like cat litter?
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My initial thought is that the poop scent is not being completely eliminated from the sheets....but, let's see what others have to say!
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I really have no idea. Maybe she does not like the way your detergent smells. I would try a differant brand.
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Are you bleaching the sheets? Cats will often "go" where there is clean, bleached laundry because the bleach smell and the urine smell are very similar to them...
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hmmm.. not too sure, I was thinking it could be the detergent aswell, but she only poops on that one bed.. not on any other beds, not on any clothes nothing.... very strange kitty....
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anybody have and ideas for me to try???
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My cat does the same, he wees on freshly made beds. I have to keep him out of the bedroom everytime I make the beds (better for my hands anyway...). He never ever wees outside his box otherwise or anywhere else. He just doesn't like freshly made beds.

Not sure what you can do about the guest bedroom, in our main beds the situation is easier, as he wont do it after we slept in them for a night, so he just gets locked out of the bedroom for a night, which he doesnt seem to mind too much.
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I will change everything and give that a try, I really hope it works, I love my cat very muchand dont want you have to get rid of her... thanks for the info, I will freshly make the bed and keep everyone updated, if anyone has anymore great ideas let me know! thanks!
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Can you keep your cat out of the guest room? Then it shouldn't be an issue. We have several rooms in our house the cats aren't allowed in.
If your floorplan doesn't allow for that, then I would suggest either keeping a plastic shower curtain or tarp over the bed until it needs to be used. She either won't like walking on the plastic, or if she does leave you a small present, you just need to spray down the plastic and not wash the sheets.
You can also try placing a litterbox on top of the bed for awhile and then slowly moving it to the area you want it to be to "retrain" her.
Also, does your cat have long fur? It may be that she's getting the last little poo stuck on her and she goes up on the bed to clean it off.
Aaaaaand, you can buy Feliway spray, and when you clean the sheets again, spray the bed down with Feliway to see if that will deter her from pooping there again.
I think if you work with her you can find a way to solve the problem or adjust so that she doesn't have the opportunity to poo on the bed. She sounds like a sweetie and it would be awful if you decided to get rid of her.
Good luck!
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There could be lots of reasons for her doing this. I'm glad you got them checked out, and she was healthy! So it sounds like it's just a preference thing.

Some things that should help...

Sometimes kitties get very finicky about exactly how their litterbox is set up, and where. Sounds like that's the problem here.

Our boy, Hobbes, did the same thing, and it turned out he wanted one litterbox to poop in and one to pee in, he didn't like hooded litterboxes, and he liked it pristinely clean. I found a couple websites that helped me understand exactly what it was that I could try that would help, and it really did. One good thing is the fact that he's now outgrown his pickiness about wanting two and wanting them in such perfect condition, now that he's about two! Hopefully yours will do the same!

Here are a couple websites that should help:




A couple tips:

Cats don't usually like the plastic liners some people use in litterboxes.

Some cats don't like the hooded boxes.

Cats at times don't like the box to be anywhere that they also have to eat and drink.

Sometimes the problem is just that the box isn't somewhere private enough. They only like to "go" somewhere that is low-traffic, quiet, and very private.

Hope all that helps!

Let us know how it goes!
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