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These idiots wrecked her!!

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Oh God! I feel soooo awful for poor Sophia! Sophia is one of our outside cats that got surrendered to the HS for a better life. Well, someone finally adopted her. I knew it wouldn't take long. Sophia is a 3 year old DSH/Siamese mix She has gorgeous blue eyes & a blue seal point with some orange mixed in there. Absolutely GORGEOUS! SO, this family feel in love with her. The vet refernce was awesome! They had adopted a 12 year old diabetic cat, basically so she could die in a home. She lived with them for 3 more years.

Three weeks ago, they took my Sohpia home. We were very blunt with them. Sophia is a fraidy cat. She likes to hide & is not very fond of people. She will atttack if she feels threatened. We wrote down some suggestions for them on how to help her adjust. This family also took home Fluff, an adorable guy with mental issues(he suffered a car accident as a kitten). They took Sophia & Fluff home & turned them loose(free range) in their house.

Fast forward to Tuesday night(3/21). We get a call from Sophia & Fluff family. They want to bring Sophia back. She is being vicious towards Fluff. They were going to bring her back Thursday. We get a call THursday. They cannot catch her & will bring her Saturday. Well, when we closed today we had to call them. They still cannot catch her. They are going to give her another week, then they will call a vet to sedate her with a dart gun. They are tell.ing us we have to pay for it. Ummmmm.....NO! They didn't follow the written instructions we gave them. They haven't fixed Sophia yet(we didn't have enough time to get her fixed). Fluff keeps "pouncing" on her. He is nueterd, but he likes to do tomcatty things. And they wonder why she's freaked out!

Tomorrow morning, I have to clean cat cages. I am going to call the HS president & find out if they wanted a volutneer to come help them trap her. I will have to drive an extra 30 mintues to get to the to trap her. Then she comes back to the HS to live in a cage. I cannot foster her because of ringworm. I guess we have to try to make a pet out of her...again. Basically, the president of the HS says, they wrecked her. We are going to have to try to get her to trust people & cats again. If she becomes violent, they have no choice but to euthanize her. Although, they are going to try everything first. They promised to not euthanize her for 6 months, so she has plenty of time. Then, when the ringworm is cleared up, I can foster her. They have another foster home interested in her. Meanwhile, she will be put up for adoption again, & this time, there are going to be TONS of hoops to jump through. Not only must the application be approved, but I must approve of the family. They must show me that they can properly interact with Sohpia & Sophia must show me she trusts the potential owners. She didn't seem too thrilled about the people who are returning her, but she was still so scared then, I thought nothing of it.

What can I do to help her calm down at the HS? How can I trap her? She won't go into any small rooms in their house? Any words of advice or wisdom? I feel really bad, but the vet gave us a sedative shot for her to give her before taking her back to the HS. Then I am going to sit with her until she wakes up to make sure she settles OK. I guess this just goes to show that even people with excellent refernces aren't always good with every pet.
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Ack! What idiots! Poor Sophia, traumatized because people can't listen what they are supposed to do. I would like to send someone along with a dartgun for them!
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Awww, poor Sophia!!! We do home visits now, tooo many vet refs that did not work out or refs oeriod. It is a tough job and one that takes time and the right family. I so hope you get her calmed down - if you can trap her and be there to give her lots of TLC when she awakes from a sedative and then find a good foster home maybe that could really show her how to really live the life of a well cared for cat - I hate to see cats in cages but I know it has to happen!
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They told us they have trapped her & will bring her in Tuesady night, but whether or not they actaully have her trapped is unknown. Poor baby!
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