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Does anyone else collect Beanie Babies?

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Hey guys.......

I'm just wondering if anyone else in here collects Beanie Babies? I do, I have around 300. I collect both the bears and animals. I have a real soft spot for the cats! LOL. I also have my own beanie forum!

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we have in excess of 1000 beanies- starting with the first ones. we have multiples of several beanies. I dont do much buying any more on them unless i just happen to find a few that strike my fancy or i think are really odd. I also have been trying to get the series ones (spongebob, garfield, blue clues) and the ones like the angel bears this past holiday season that had different colored wings and such. Other than that its just whatever strikes my fancy.

Do you display yours? i had several curios full of nothing but beanies before we moved but now they are all in a climate controlled storage facility in boxes as we dont have room to display them right now.
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I used to, but am staying with a friend for a bit to help her through some stuff, and the house here is incredibly cluttered, so there is no room for them. Thats a pretty impressive collection.
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well for that question there is one simple ittie bittie answer that i ahve to say and that answer is NO


lama lama fuzzy lama lama lama DUCK
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I have a few, my favourite one is with the australian flag that my friends gave me before i moved to germany
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I just have beenie cats, large ones and small ones
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Originally Posted by Drider3
lama lama fuzzy lama lama lama DUCK
I know what that is but what's the meaning of it in reference to beanie babies? Is there a beanie baby llama?
I have 5, a bat, a turtle, some little dragon looking thing, a cat, and a crab. That's all!
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I have a handful of beanies... Once I have the space again, and my display boxes [of which i need a few more] I'll display them once again...

I doubt iI have more than 40 or so... It's one more thing to collect... I have lots of small collections... though one htat seems to cross the tchotchke boundaries for me is my love of Penguins... my nickname in certain circles is Pen Guin... don't ask... long story...

But i do have a Penguin Beanie (at least i think I do)... as well as many other penguin stuffed animals... as well as pewter penguins, ceramic ones, a crystal ornament one... etc...

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I don't have any that I know of but they are cute!
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I did.... Between my sister and I we must have over 100
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My gramma collected them. She has bins full. She would always get me the cats so that is most of my collection but they are the original ones not the new ones. When she stopped collecting so did I. I probably have about 25 or so.
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