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Kitty Magic

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I was just wondering what "magic" powers your kitties have.

Ophelia's kitty magic is the ability to make anyone she wants to go to sleep. I have had insomnia pretty bad the past couple of nights. Last night I couldn't sleep again, was tossing and turning until about 2:30. Next thing I know, Ophelia comes up, sniffs at me, turns her circles and snuggles up on me. I was asleep within a couple minutes and slept until morning.
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Wellll...my Loco has the ability to make me clean the litterbox whenever he wants, simply by using it :laughing2:

Seriously though, Onyx has the 'magic' ability to calm me- he is able ,it seems, to sense when I need some kitty love from him if I'm upset or stressed out. He'll look up at me as if to say "Its ok, I'm here and I love you". Then he'll put his paw on my cheek
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Xavier has the power to make my moods change for the better just by snuggling in my lap. He always seems to know when I need a furry to hug.

Sampson has the power to take away any urge I may get to scold him. He has no rules. I cannot yell at him when he's on the kitchen table or when he's tearing into the carpet. I yell at Brian when he yells at Sampson. He's just too cute to be yelled at.

Mitzi can make me feed her just by saying ma ma ma ma ma ma. It gets annoying after a while so sometimes she'll get an early dinner just to quiet her big mouth.

Fallon doesn't have any powers other than the fact that she's a constant supply of laughter.
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All the kitties have the magic power to make me feel loved. When my daughter isn't around (she's been sleeping in my bed since her dad moved out), all 3 kitties sleep with me, each one purring and snuggling up to me. My goodness. How is it that being in the middle of a pile of snoozing cats can a make even the worst day melt into oblivion?
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Fred always seems to know when I am not having a good day. He will stand on his hind feet with his paws on the couch and wait for me to lean over to him to give lavish kitty loves. If I don't lean over soon enough, he will grab the front of my shirt and pull me forward and make the sweetest little noises while he rubs noses with me. How could that not cheer you up?
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Casper has the power to make me go crazy with his constant meowing...Kitty on the other hand calms me down then...
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Ivo has the power to make me feel needed. I'm single and living alone, and sometimes it can be really lonely. Now, I know that there is always someone waiting at home who can't wait to see me.
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Rascal has the power to know when I get home from work/school. I can try and come as quietly as possible without making any noise and I can hear Rascal meowing in my room for me. When I open the door, he is already there meowing and purring.
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Boo has the kitty magic to make me happy when I am sad by meowing and talking to me all the time. I just can't resist petting her when she cries or meows.
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Blackie has the power to magically appear on your shoulder. It's a little like someone pulling a quarter out of your ear.

I was sitting on the floor trying to reach something in the far back corner of my closet. Suddenly there was a tremendous weight on my shoulder, and BAM! there was Blackie, purring in my ear! This is even more amazing considering how rotund my boo boy is.

He has also been known to perform this trick with people who are standing up, which is of course quite impressive in a Cheshire Cat kind of way.
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