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Problems after a move

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After 10 years at the same location, Jessie (kitty) and I moved into a new house with a much larger and more spacious yard. At the old house Jessie was mostly an outdoor cat altho she came in several times a day and always if the weather was bad. She seemed to adjust quickly and easily to the new house and didn't seem to mind that she could not go outside.

After a week indoors I offerred to let her out - but she was not much interested. I didn't mind - but then I found that she was not using the indoor litter box - but rather the tile by the back door or the carpet by the front door.

She still doesn't want to go out and if she does she's back in within 20 minutes. So, I guess I need to know how to train a 10 year old to use the litter box? And what can I do to relieve her fear of the new outdoors.

thanks, bailey
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I don't really have any words of wisdom, but I can relate to trying to teach a 10 yr old cat anything! I have a 10 yr old cat and she's the most stubborn thing!!

I would suggest you confine her to a room with a litter box until she uses the box. You might need to get some potting soil and mix with the litter, too. My now 10 yo stubborn cat was about 2 when she became an indoor only cat and she adapted well to the litter box. You might also need to put the box (or boxes) near where she's been pottying so she'll understand that she's to use the box, not the floor.

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Hi, she's marking her new 'territory' and maybe feels the yard is someone else's (which it was). I'd be glad to have a cat content (now) to stay indoors, though I understand your feelings. At least she has more inside room now.
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Have you tried walking around the yard with her? Maybe she is a little scared of the new surroundings?
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