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Rhiann's new babies

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Rhiann gave birth this morning between 4am and 530am. She had 2 long leg kitty's, one chocolate and white, the other white with black spots. She had 2 short leg kittens, one pointed and the other chocolate and white. She's a little unsure about the whole mother thing, so she has taken comfort in being with Annie and BraveHeart, AKA Peanut.
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Sandie they are just beautiful! I love the little spotted one. You have a cow kitty!

I know that nothing can take away the pain of losing Tinkerbell, but these little ones can take all the love you can give them and will give you plenty of joy too.

One last question - how are Purrty Girl, Annie and their babies doing?
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they are so cute! I'm so jealous that you have all these sweet kittens around you!
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Rhiann looks so proud of her litter:laughing:. Congratulations!

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More gorgeous babies!! Congratulations
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Yay! She did it! They are adorable! Enjoy them as much as we enjoy seeing them!
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Congratulations "gramma"!!!:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:
They look adorable, and momma looks proud! So, how many kittens total do you have now????????????? I am soooooooo jealous!!:rainbow:
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This will mean 12 furry little babies, which means 48 little paws to deal with As it is right now, Purrty Girl will go and lay outside her box because they tramble her.
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Oooooh I love em! I'll take them all please.

Seriously though you have your work cut out for you with of them. How do you stay on top of it all?
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Trust me, this is not for everyone. My love for them is what gets me through my days. Especially with loosing my babygirl Tinkerbell and having a rough time with Peanut. I would LOVE to keep every single one of them. I have always told myself that I will not keep more cats than I can take care of financially, I will not let any of them go without because I don't have the money. Keeping up with them means getting up at 530am, doing more when I get home, some restless nights, the energy to get to work so I can afford good food, medical bills, medical supplies, and all that litter! I spend all night, the early morning, and dinner time with all my kitty's around the house. Then I am up here anywhere in between to check my e mail, play with the mom's and babies and spend time with you guys
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God Bless you, Sandie! I could never do that! When Sunshine had her litter of 5 last year, I about lost my mind with them in just the twelve short weeks they were here!!!!!!!!!
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They are just SO cute! I too like the little spotted one...you have a dalmation kitty!
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Congrads, they are just beautiful, every last one of them.
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This is what I call Moral Support
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Stress-less kitties! They have nothing to be stressed about because "Mom" takes such good care of all of her cats. Way to go Sandie, you are so committed- and NO I didn't say you should BE committed!
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Oh, I love the two mamacats laying together like that! How wonderful for them to get alond so well.

I completely and totally envy you all those babies, but it IS a lot of work!
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more beautiful kitties - you are so lucky!
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