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help with my kittens that just got neutered/spayed!!! please...

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well hello thank you for reading... please tell me what you think...

my husband and i just took our 2 kittens to get spayed/neutered. it was sooo sad! i felt so bad taking them and leaving them and then seeing them all drugged up.


we don't have much extra money these days so i was waiting to get them fixed until i knew we could afford it. well kramer starts mounting penny and biting her neck and getting aggressive... so i decide that's it... they're going as soon as possible. the vet determines penny is 17 weeks and kramer is 8 months... just as i had thought.

well the first thing kramer does when he gets out of the carrier is mount penny. he got really violent with her a little later... he pinned her down, mounted her, proceeded to bite her neck and chase her down the hallway when she ran. i had to get him off of her. they were under the bed (her hiding place) and he was on top of her biting and scratching. sometimes it almost seemed like he was trying to go for her stiches!!!

so i've been reading and i had never heard that you should get your male cat's neutered before they reach sexual maturity... DID I MAKE A MISTAKE??? because i didn't get him done sooner is he going to be mounting penny for the rest of their lives? he was probably sexually mature if he was 8 months... correct? will he forget that he used to like doing that? because... it's not really pleasurable for him is it? my sister said he's just showing that he's the boss. my mom said he just doesn't know what's going on yeat and he's confused....


by the way... penny was a VERY wild kitten. they both came from a lady who found several litters in her woods. kramer is the most lovey cat i've ever known... but penny didn't like people. well, she's laying with us now and purring and loves it when we pet her. i think the operation was good for her. could it be true that the operation calmed her down?
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It will take a while for him to metabolize his existing hormones, but he will get rid of them in time. Give him a month and see if it isn't better.

And yes- mounting is also a dominance display.
Plus the fact that they were both out of the house and got covered with new smells and that could also have triggered the aggression. They are just re-establishing their territory.
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Ok, to answer your questions. Yes, your boy was definitely mature sexually by the age of 8 months. My Hobbes was fully mature at four (which is a bit early, it's usually around 5 months).

Sounds like your boy still has the hormones in his system. I would suggest putting them in separate rooms for a few days until you see him calming down in general. A lot of males get really cuddly and turn into lap cats after neutering, so you might look for that (thought it's not guaranteed). Don't worry, you didn't get him fixed too late, it's just that he has hormones to work out of his system still.

Another thought, and a good reason to separate them for a bit, is you don't want his agression opening up her stitches or hurting her while she's trying to heal.

Let us know how it goes, ok?
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I would definitely keep them apart for about 10 days, while her stitches heal.

My Garfield was neutered at 3 to 3-1/2 months old. Last night he was biting Jasmine's neck and acting like he was trying to mount her! I have never seen this behavior before...the big nut! Maybe my foster cat is giving off girly hormones or something?

Maybe your male smelled a female in heat at the vets office? His hormones will subside over time. I wouldn't worry too much about it. The main problem is that animals are such animals, and don't always act socially appropriate! But do keep him away from her as she heals!

And, if she is tamer now that she is recovering, take advantage of it and spend lots of time cuddling so she can learn to like it!
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First of all SEPARATE THE TWO CATS. Then after a day or two, reintroduce them....slowly.

Its probably just the fact that there are strange smells, the cats are both upset. And yes the female will be quieter cause she has major surgery compared to the male.

One other thing you can do to stop him from mounting/biting her neck, is to put a little bit of Bitter Apple spray on the back of her neck - not where she can reach. Next time he grabs hold of her, he will get the Bitter Apple in his mouth and it will stop him from biting her.
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