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When spring comes...(if ever)...

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What do you want to do on the first real spring day - sunny, warm, green grass, leaves on the trees, flowers, nice breeze, maybe some rain showers, that nice fresh smell in the air?.....

I just want to go for a nice long walk/jog- whatever I feel like - and just enjoy the weather!!! I'd probably spend most of the day outside and take my dog for a walk up to the school (there's an elementry school right off our quiet little street) there's a huge hill with a big field below where I let her run when no one else is down there, she loves it!

I cannot WAIT for spring!!!
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the only thing i dont like about summer and winter is that i feel fat and i dont have my big black winter coat to cover me!!!!!!
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I will open every window in the house and let all the fresh air in, and that nasty winter stuffy air out! I love watching the girls' noses when the windows are open too.
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Well when spring comes here I'll probably still be taking care of my kittens (which I am getting tomorrow) untill they are 7 or 8 months old and I don't have to watch them so closely. Other than that I hope to get my bike out and go looking for some trails to explore.
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I can't wait to be able to go outside without a jacket and in a pair of flip flops
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...and in a pair of flip flops

I second that, sandals until next October!
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Originally Posted by jean-ji
I second that, sandals until next October!
I know, me too! I love sandals.
I'll definitely need to air out the house too and do my window-cleaning.
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Can't wait to shuck socks and shoes for my flip-flops! And to feel like I'm not in a refridgerator all the time!
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We've been having a few days like that lately. Not very warm, but warm enough to be comfortable outside and very sunny. And on the weekend too (today was a beautiful day)

Unfortunately, I've been spending all those days inside working on research essays
Universities should not be allowed to have that end-of-semester rush when the weather is so nice. It's just cruel.

But the first day when it's nice and I have time to do something nice, I'm getting my bike ready for the summer and going on a bike ride.
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Originally Posted by Miss Mew
I can't wait to be able to go outside without a jacket and in a pair of flip flops

I have been just itching to get my flip flop and capris out! I can't wait until we can open the patio door and let the nice breeze come through!

I know Spring is coming though, the geese have been coming around and I hear them every morning - I love it! I can't wait until they are all back around here again, we have 2 lakes around our apartment and they live here, Harley always loves watching them from the windows!

I can't wait til they have babies, little geese babies are SO cute! I'll have to post pictures of them when they start coming around again!
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I want to lie on the grass (if it's not wet and muddy) at the park and read a book while my doggies frolick and lay around too! I want to see all the flowers I planted coming up!
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it is raining right now! I LOVE Spring!
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Originally Posted by Miagi's_Mommy
it is raining right now! I LOVE Spring!
I love it when it rains, especially when you go outside after its been raining and it has that fresh smell outside, I want spring now!
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It was spring yesterday. Today it is snowing. Welcome to NE Ohio. I took Z for a walk yesterday.
On the first day of Spring I want to get everyone together and go out to Towner's Woods for a picnic like we used to.
Maybe buy my first car.
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Its pretty nice today upper 40's and sunny.
Cleaned up one flower bed
but when it gets a bit warmer I'll hand the laundry to dry outside, grab a chair and read a good book while enjoying some sort of alcoholic beverage.
Wear shorts and finally shave my legs!!!
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