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Miss Frankie

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Just an update on Miss Frankie, who during all of what was happening with Patrick had surgery for what turned out to be a spay incision hernia, and on her preanesthesia panel (see, this is why I always do them!) was found to have a high BUN and low specific gravity with her urine.

They wanted us to retest her two week later, at the time her stitches were removed. This fell the day after Patrick went to sleep I was really not in the mood to drive back there but I had to, so that was that.

Her tests came back with still higher than normal BUN(53), Creatinine (not as high as first check - was 2.7, this time 2.2), normal phos, normal calcium and potassium, and improved sp grav - the one bit of good news that is keeping her from a diagnosis of early crf. We are to retest in 3 months. No dietary changes were suggested at this time, but I think I am going to do so anyway ...why wait?

Please send positive vibes her way. This little girl that we rescued is only 2-3 years old...and I know if she has early crf, the absolute longest I've heard of a cat living with this on my support list is 8 years, and I rather think the almost 4 that Patrick and I achieved was the lucky goal to shoot for, not even the norm. This means a too short life for this little girl who is such a joy and so special.
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Thank you for the update... I had been nail biting and with Patrick worried for you...

I agree why wait.. sending a big to both ...

Frankie you found the best meowmy in the world for you ... just be good and try to agree with any treatment
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Thank you Jennifer...she is so spooky smart. And she was so good for Patrick (and he for her...he helped her go from cowering when she saw him as she expected any cat would attack her, as had been happening outside, to giving him mini baths)...his last day, I saw the hair on the back of his neck had been washed by her....

So far, I found she actually likes k/d minced with chicken, and the trader joe's house brand of wet that I know is lower in phos. She likes crunchies too...I'll be researching again the non-prescription dry that is lower in phos -she will be eating with alix and Ophelia...and miss ophelia is a barfer extraordinaire with wet foods, so unless I withhold food at night and feed frankie just during the day, it has to be crunchies at night time. Not to mention miss alix, who is WAY too plump, would riot if she had no food at night. Trust me, she has one meow that sounds like a trumpet and she knows how to use it right next to one's ears!!
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you have mail...

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Oh, I am praying for Miss Frankie!
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Originally Posted by sharky
you have mail...

Great, off to read it!
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Sending well wishes to Frankie
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I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for Frankie, Pat.
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Lots of positive vibes headed to Miss Frankie
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I suspect that Miss Frankie is going to miss her special friend, Patrick.
Lots of positive vibes are headed your way Pat.
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I have everything crossed, the poor babe is too young for such health issues, she is lucky that you do the pre-anaesthetic bloods and it was picked up.
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Catching up after a week away, I am so sorry about Patrick. Good vibes for Miss Frankie, she will certainly have some adjusting to do, as will you all.
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