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A couple of months ago an stray cat decided to make my family part of her family. We think that someone had just dumped her in the woods next to our house. She has always been very friendly to my family. We named her Grace and my little girl calls Grace her buddy. Grace loves to be carried around on your shoulder and my little girl loves to pick her up. The problem is she hates my fixed male cat. At first Grace hated but my female cat Daisy and my boy cat BoBo. She has since gotten use to Daisy and will even let Daisy smell her and they can eat next to each other. But whenever my BoBo even comes close to Grace she starts hissing. Grace likes to sleep alone outside where BoBo and Daisy, who are brother and sister, sleep together almost all the time.

Any Suggestions as to why Grace does not get along with BoBo.

By the way, Daisy just had her kittens a couple of days ago and is now inside and I think Grace is pregnant now and is still outside until the babies come. I am planning on getting both girls spayed after the babies are weaned.