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what type of music does your cat like?

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hi there people, i was just wondering if any of your cats like to listen to music as much as my little devil baby, his fav singer is Bjork...whats you little cats fav?
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We had one cat who would come and sit on the organ as I played and her favorite was a hymn. When I played it she would let her head loll backwards over the music rack.
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ENYA! They love her! (So do I.)
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Two of my cats are ALL OVER ME when I practice. I don't know if it's somthing about th frequency of the sound, or if they just love flute music...
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I do know one thing. Zissou is TERRIFIED of live saxophone. My roommate was playing his, and hasn't since she's been around, and it has overtaken the vacuum for first place in scary-hated-loud-monster category.
Other than that she doesn't much care as far as I can tell.
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definite preference for brahms. smart kitty.
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We play a lot of music and the cats don't really react to it except one band. They absolutely HATE Pink Floyd.
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well, mine mostly hear me singing, both with & without the piano...they prefer the songs i've adapted with their names in them, tho! i used to have a cat who would 'sing' with me if i played the piano...
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If Zissou hated Pink Floyd I think there would be a definite problem. Or Dylan. That would require musical boot camp.
Something akin to marching in step to the music and receiving treats, I think.
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I once had a grey male cat that loved Def Leopard. Everytime my daughter played it he would come and twist all around the speakers and end up laying on one!
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Well, I used to have a cat that just had to sit in my lap and paw at my instrument when I practiced bassoon. I don't practice that much now, but Elsa is the same way - very curious, has to be right next to me. Maybe she's protecting me from that big, bad noisy thing.

Oh, and this is REALLY interesting. When I help kids work with horses, sometimes, rather than do the grooming ourselves, the adults "distract" the horses and have the kids work on the horses. They seem to LOVE the song "Edelweiss" from "The Sound of Music". I'm not really sure why, but they just go limp and sort of "zone out". Maybe it's the 3/4 time? I don't know...
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My first cat that I got when I was an adult loved the beatles song "lucy in the sky with diamonds" When he was 12 years old he got FIP and became really sick. He was the first cat I had to put to sleep. I held him the whole time. When I left the vets office and got in the car "lucy in the sky with diamonds" came on the radio!!. I know that he was sending me a sign that he was ok!!!!! It was in the early 90's that he died, and the odds of that song coming on the radio were slim!! He was an awsome cat!!
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I took in a stray one time that would turn on the radio in the morning when I got up. If it was not tuned to the classic rock station, she would look disgusted and turn it off.
Fred always loved for me to sing to him.
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