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Heat Disc

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Where do I get a heat disc? Or something warm for the kittens in case I needed it? If Walmart or the like, where in the store would I look? I've looked before for Hope as she likes warm things (the cable box, but she ruined our last one when she threw up on it so thats off limits to her now). Anyway we didn't have much luck except those things hunters sit on that you can stick in the microwave. I'm so worried of it being to hot but I guess if I put towels around it and such it would be ok.

Anyway where should I look?
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I know that I used hot water bottles, with a towel over it...That would be in any health department...The old fashion kind that you just fill up with warm water.
And I also found helpful a heating pad..but it was one of the new kind, that are rectangle shaped, with something like rice, or it almost feels like oatmeal..
I havent seen them lately, probably because Im not looking, but they were really popular in the last few yrs, you just pop them in the microwave for a few minutes, that way they arent plugged in etc...
Its almost just like a little pillow, filled with stuff...

Im not sure if walmart would have those, but the malls and stuff would..Usually its one of those booths inside malls that sells them, they come in all kinds of shapes, like the ones that wrap around your neck...My cat and kitty loved it, and I still use it now, with a towel over..Holds heat wonderfully...

Not sure if you know anyone in the health field either, not that I am advocating stealing, but you can also use a IV bag...
One filled with regular saline or something natural of course...
Just fill the sink up with hot water and let it sit in there for a few minutes,...
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there is a product called SnuggleSafe available in most pet stores or over the internet. It is a hard plastic disc that is microwaved and gets very hot. You would need to wrap a towel or two around it but it will stay hot for up to 12 hours.
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Thanks for the ideas! Now that I think about it, I have an eye mask that has those beads in it that you can stick in the microwave. Not sure its big enough but I'll keep that in mind.
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I raised rexes which have little coat compared to normal kittens. All I had was a cardboard box that was deep, several towels in a pillowcase and wrapped the cage with a sheet to keep out drafts for the first few weeks.

The kittens keep each other warm and I never had a problem. I would not use anything electric or a "warmer" for kittens - it could be too much heat for them.
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I meant for in between the kittens arrival. Or in case I needed to seperate them for mom for a period of time for any reason. I just want to be prepared.
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