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We finally found a place!

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Jeff and I finally found a place to live in the GTA!!

It's a 2 bedroom apartment...I haven't seen it yet, but Jeff sent me pictures before he signed the papers and it looks beautiful. I'm sure Reilly will like it too. Jeff is going to incase the entire balcony from floor to roof with chicken wire so that Reilly can go out there and watch the birds. We move in on May 1!
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Yeeehaaa!!!! congratulations!! It sounds perfect, its a shame you can't see it first but I'm sure you trust his judgement!
So happy for Reilly too, he'll have so much fun sunbathing and watching the birds!
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How neat that you will have a balcony so that the furball can spend time basking!
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Congratulations Tracy!!!! That's wonderful news!
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Yay! I've heard horror stories about apartment hunting in the GTA, so that's wonderful that you've found a decent place. Lucky Reilly to get a nice balcony.
We're moving to a new apartment on May 1st too!
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Yay! Tracy I'm so excited for you! I bet you are so relieved that you found a place, good luck with the move!
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yay!!! I hope you like it!!!
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Congratulations!! It sounds perfect.

And I'm sure Reilly will love the balcony. Be sure to take lots of pics (we always like Reilly pictures)
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Only 36 days before moving!!!!!
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Congrats! I bet the moment you told Reilly, he started quivering with excitement(you did tell him he is moving, right? !
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Congratulations!! I hope you all will be very happy there!
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Congratulations! Reilly is really going to love the balcony. Jamie spends hours out there when the weather is good.
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That is great news!!!! Is it in Toronto itself or Brampton/Mississauga? Need help moving? BTW - check with the landlord about the chicken wire thing - some don't allow it!
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