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DARN Sashka!!

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Ok, well. For some time I've been worried about little girl because I thought that she was very stressed since the arrival of the puppies, nearly 7 months ago. She seems to have been losing weight and has just been, well, generally stressed.

Two nights ago she jumped in the window at 3am and I heard a commotion at the end of the bed - both girls hissing and growling and a lot of scuffling. It woke Max, too, so we turned on the light to see what was going on.

Sashka had caught a bird - at 3am!! - and brought it inside. Half dead, flapping around So Max got up to put it out, and she snatched it up and was out the window before you could blink.

She's NEVER done that, that I know of, so the next day it was off to the vet. I wanted to see what could be done - if anything - to settle her, and help relieve her stress and help her put weight back on.

This is Sashka I'm talking about, no cuddles (unless you are VERY lucky) skittish, timid, Sashka.

We get to the vet. She purrs. She loves. She headbutts. She smooches. She snuggles. The vet says, `Well, she doesn't look that stressed to me!'.


She is not underweight (although at 4.8lb she's a pretty tiny girl), and apparently she's not unhappy. According to our vet, `she's just a little huntress, which is lots of fun. Worm her, feed her kitten food for a while, and see how she goes'.

She's been a perfect ANGEL ever since we went. Talk about the cat getting the cream? All she wanted was some exclusive attention!!
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Aww! Poor Sashka, she's just jealous of the pups & doesn't know how to show it!!
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Sounds like Sashka need a mommy and me day...
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Originally Posted by sharky
Sounds like Sashka need a mommy and me day...
I was thinking that myself! She must have been so proud of herself.
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A Bird she can kill Maybe she's letting everyone know what she's capiable of Maybe she is jealous
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Aww Sashka, she sure showed you didn't she! Lol, She just must have needed some TLC.
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