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Whats for breakfast?

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Okay i know its 13:00 here.. but i am about to make some pancakes!
Its the weekend i deserve some yummy brunch!

What are you having? Or what did you have?
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Good morning Fran......I'm sitting here waiting for Jerry to get home from the fire dept to have breakfast.........I've made some sausages, (I think Susan calls them bangors) and potatoes.......will put the eggs on when he gets here..........
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Good morning Fran and Susie!!

I haven't decided what's for breakfast yet. I want something bigger than the cereal I normally eat but with all the snow coming down I'm not sure I want to go out to get it!
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I am headed into the kitchen right now to make biscuits and gravy.
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I had porridge! mmm yummy.
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Originally Posted by Pombina
I had porridge! mmm yummy.
Oatmeal? Or another kind?
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bagel with cream cheese.

now time to pack myself a lunch and head out to the university

have a good day everyone
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grilled cheese and coffee.
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Mmm, yall's food sounds fantastic! I am about to have some oatmeal with splenda and fat-free imitation butter, lol, how exciting.
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I am having blueberry waffles.
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I had Honey Nut Cheerios.
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Leftover oatmeal (again!!)
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Nothing yet, but I'm thinking a bagel sounds good to me!
Thats about all I have in the house anyways, we need to get groceries!
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Cereal. I had french toast yesterday so I want something simple.

Or I could just eat shortbread girl scout cookies.
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Here it's about 12:15 but a couple of hours ago I had Frosted Flakes w/ extra sugar and a glass of Hawaiian Punch. I must've had THE most nutricious breakfast ever!! Sounds like something a 4yr old would eat if their mom wasn't around lol. I just felt like I really needed some sugar! Haven't had much 'o that this week.
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I usually don't have time for breakfast since it's a half-hour drive from here to the university and my first class starts at 8:30. But since it's the weekend I had sone sausages and pancakes. And who can forget the coffee.
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After a thread was started the other day about bagels it got me fancying some, so i bought a pack of my favourite ones cinnamon and sultana that i'll toast tomorrow and have with honey
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Well, it's a long time since breakfast now, but it was scramblies with diced ham and toasted Apricot Delight rolls. And coffee. Of course.
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