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Hiya everyone!

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I haven't been around for a couple of weeks - been spending a lot of time on the dog forum that I am on, actually (yes, what a traitor...lol) seems lots of people out there need training tips these days!! Lol...

But I've missed you all! It's funny how much this place has become a part of my life, and how I miss it when I'm not here.

So, a big group hug to everyone How've you all been??

I'd love for you to share something that's happened to you all in the past couple of weeks - feel like I've missed out on some gossip!!
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I started my german course, and i have been sick thats my gossip
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Oh wow Fran...not so much of a great time for you then - but hey, German, cool! I love that language it sounds SOOO cool.....my Mum speaks German, wish I did but it's never too late to learn I suppose!
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I had to go back to work after being off for 6 weeks Sarah and it was tough.....good news is the boss went on vacation after me being back for only 2 days, so my coworker and I spent that time rewallpapering the bathroom. It needed it. Before he left, he asked us to get some glue and paste back up the 50 year old paper that was falling down! PLEASE!!!! Like we were gonna do that. Sorry boss, every 50 years or so you need to update!!!!! Nice to see you!!
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I wondered where you were!!! Welcome back!
I have just been floating along!!! no news unfortunately!
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There you are Sarah! A big "harumph" and to you for abandoning us in favour of your dog forum!
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G'day, Sarah, and welcome back. As I've mentioned in another thread this morning, my wife, my dad and I are moving to a bigger house 2 doors down from our place, and I am taking vacation to help get the new place ready. We took a day off from painting yesterday, but we'll be at it again today. I hope whoever buys this house likes cats, because we may have a time convincing Molly and Megan that we don't live here anymore!
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Hi Sarah!
I was wondering where you had been! Nothing too new here - I think I'm getting a new car!

Otherwise, same old stuff

Glad to see you back here!
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Hi Sarah! Welcome back
Nothing very exciting going on with me, but as for everyone else - you could always go back a few pages in the Cat Lounge and take a peek!
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Welcome back Sarah!
Hmmm....a bunch of us have been going on new dates! I'm redecorating my kitchen....I don't know, same ol' same ol'!
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