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Junk mail

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Does anybody else get fed up with junk mail? I have just recieved the 10th letter this week offering me car insurance. I DON'T own a car.
What a waste of resources.
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It is a big waste Anne.....I come home from work, get the mail, sit on the loveseat in my livingroom, and go through it. Over half of my pile is junk that I rip up to tiny peices and pitch! What a waste!
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we rarely get junk mail - musnt be a big thing in this country (yet)
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We have a sign on our mailbox that says `no advertising material accepted'.

Although, I think if I get another phone call at work from someone in India asking to `speak to the business owner' about our phone plan I will go mad and crazy and run around naked screaming `WE ARE NOT INTERESTED!!!!'
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we have caller ID here at home and the office and we never answer it if it says "out of area" as I know its a call from India (they never ever leave a message - funny about that) and we often rarely answer it if it says "private" number around 6pm either!! these callers never leave a message either
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Oh yep - the private numbers at dinner time just get a look and then ignored. Lol.

But at work - although I have caller ID there, too - I have to answer. I just say, `No, the business owner is currently saving someone's life. And we're not interested'. Petty, but fun, too.
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Yeah, we leave the phone to go to voicemail after 6 and maybe 1 in 10 leave a message

I love the junk mail (flyers from local stores) that come in our free newspaper on Fridays, but the stuff that gets put through the door, this week I have an invitation to every gym in town, car insurance and credit cards and all the other stuff I could tell from the envelope not to open
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So far, a lot of the junk mail hasn't caught up with my new address. The 10% off coupon from PetsMart was welcome, though.

MY beef is with the AARP - I've been receiving their junk, since I was in my mid-twenties! Don't they check birthdates, before they start mailing this garbage out?

One way to stop it is to put all of their junk (or someone else's) into the postage-paid return envelope and send it back to them.
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I'm 37 and got my first AARP letter a few weeks ago! That was depressing. I am amazed my mailman doesn't have a hernia from the amount of junk mail I get.
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The good news is that the Garbage collection company gives us a credit on our trash bill for curbside recycling. So the advertisers are actually saving me money on my trash service.
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The part I find particularly annoying these days is shredding all the junk, like credit card offers. It is really quite amazing how much and how quickly your info gets out there. I got a speeding ticket about 5 months ago, and it was astonishing how many offers I suddenly started receiving for driving school and lawyers specializing in fighting traffic tickets.
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Oh I hate it, I get mainly credit card offers. One company likes to send me little gifts, like 3 pages full of stickers with my name and address on it. How nice of them.
It is so irratating, but not as bad as the junk mail you get in your e-mail inbox....
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The only junk mail I get is Geico auto, a few banks (50 dollars for signing up! Gee, thanks.) and then the random credit card. I also get the weekly "have you seen this child" ads and some pharmacy-type offers for the resident before me (flavoured medicine trial going on now, send for your free sample, etc.).

I guess I'm pretty lucky to get very few junk mails.
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I get so much junk mail. The ones I love are when they address me as a MR. and not MS! Ok, if you don't know my gender, you shouldn't be sending me mail!
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I'm registered with the mailing/telephone preference list so i don't get junk mail and sales people ringing me up.
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We have been on the Do Not Call list since it started - first state then national. It's wonderful! No more stupid calls from people who can't pronouce our names, let alone read their script in English!

Spam emails are taken care of with a wonderful spam blocker, Cloudmark Spamnet. Since I get all of the emails to any address at three domain names - I'm slammed with the junk. I usually get 30-40 every day. With Spamnet, I don't even see it.

Earl checks the mail and chucks the junk before I see it. I guess he's my spam-blocker for regular mail.
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I got a lovely offer to re-mortgage my house the other day.

I was a tad shcoked as to my knowledge, I dont have a house!
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Originally Posted by rosiemac
I'm registered with the mailing/telephone preference list so i don't get junk mail and sales people ringing me up.
I'm with telephone preferencing sevice (joined twice, actually! ) But some calls still slip through the net!

Originally Posted by maverick_kitten
I got a lovely offer to re-mortgage my house the other day.

I was a tad shcoked as to my knowledge, I dont have a house!
I get those a lot! I've often wondered if my LL would mind me remortgaging it!!
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Lets see I got three credit card offers ... I am looking for a small card to hide till a vet bill or medical but none of those types seem to come..lmao..

I was 21 when I started getting AARP and senior stuff ... I get refinace and youve been approved home I aint on the deed ...

Ohh and I get stuff from every animal rights group sactuary and charity ever ...
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I've posted this trick in another thread, but check this out! If you get, say, a credit card offer in the mail, it normally comes with a pre-paid postage envelope to send the info back in. Take that envelope and stuff some other junk mail into it (careful that it doesn't have your name on it) and mail that back to them. That should make them get the picture or atleast make them realize how it feels to get so much junk.
Its great stress relief.
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We don't get a lot of junk mail here either
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