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Hair Loss

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I have two 5 year old cats. Poncho, who is all black, seems to be losing hair on her back right leg. The hair that is coming out looks grayish. When I brush it, clumps come out, but there is no bald spot.

Background: Last June of 05 we brought a puppy home and added another one in December 05. The cats are not doing well with the additions though Poncho will come out from under the bed at night, when the pups are asleep. Could this be stress related? I feel so bad for my kitties and want them to have a good life so this will be awful for me if it turns out to be stress.

Any ideas?

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This sounds like normal shedding. The greyish hair is probably undercoat and sometimes, especially in animals with thick coats, hair comes out in clumps. If there is no associated bald patch then I wouldn't worry. If she develops and area of alpoecia (hair loss) then I would have her checked out by your vet.
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I suggest putting up a baby gate or two so that the cats have access to areas where the dogs can't bother them. It seems kinds unfair that they lost the use of their entire house/territory. If they are afraid to come out they aren't getting any sort of stimulation or exercise, and even if this problem isn't strss related there may be more problems to follow.
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I agree with the poster that suggested putting up a baby gate. I have both dogs and cats. I keep a baby gate in the hallway permanently. This gives my cats access to 3 rooms that the dogs are not allowed in. One of the rooms is where I keep their food and litterbox. Cats get very stressed when they can't eat or lose the litterbox without worrying about being ambushed by a dog.
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Thanks for the input - it does look more like molting than anything else but I will certainly keep an eye on it.

There is a baby gate at the bottom of the stairs and they have the 2nd floor to themselves with their food/water and litterbox. I am confident that they will work this out. I make the time to brush and pet the girls (cats) in a bedroom upstairs with the door closed so the pups can't bother us. The pups so just want to play with them and don't understand...

Thanks again...
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