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Goodbye Big Daddy

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Big Daddy Bennett
1996? 1997? - March 24,2006

Big Daddy has been quite ill and under a doctor's care since January. He left this morning at approx. 9:05 a.m. for the Rainbow Bridge. I was holding him in my arms when he breathed his last breath.

My vet strongly suspects it was FIP. As there is no real test for the disease there is no way to be sure.

As many of you know, Big Daddy has had a few hard times in his life. In October 2004 someone shot him and broke his right front leg. Thank you to all who helped IMOM to collect the funds needed to give him a better life. He has had a good and uneventful year and a half since then. My only big regret after the shooting is that BigDaddy had to stay inside from then on. He loved to go outside but it was just too dangerous for him.

Thank you all here at the CatSite who donated to Big Daddy's fund at IMOM. He had a better painfree life thanks to all the angels here who cared about him.

Big Daddy joins his 2 sons, MacKinzy and CookieDoe, and his 2 daughters, Mina and ShilohRose at the Rainbow Bridge. He leaves behind me and his 2 wives, Mrs. Black(mother of MacKinzy)and EmilyRose(mother of CookieDoe and Mina and ShilohRose as well as the still living Starr). He is sadly missed by us all.

Love and Life,
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He was really beautiful. I'm so sorry you had to say good bye to him. Now, he's healthy and strong and playing at the Rainbow Bridge, with his children.
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Big Daddy what a handsome boy you are

I'm so very sorry He's well over the bridge now making new friends with all the other kitties who are there, and i'm sure although he'll be missing you all he'll know that he'll see you all again, until then he's having some fun.

Enjoy yourself over the bridge Big Daddy
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Condolences to your entire family on the sad loss of Big Daddy. I'm sure he leaves a big hole in everyone's hearts. What a gorgeous boy he is - Heaven is very blessed to have him. How are the other kitties coping with the loss? You will be in my thoughts & prayers during these difficult days. Hugs, Susan
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What a beautiful boy. I am so sorry for your loss

RIP Big Daddy
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I'm very sorry to hear of Big Daddy's passing..RIP sweet furbaby and many hugs to you at this difficult time
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I am so sorry for the loss of your precious Big Daddy. He was a beautiful cat, but he had some sad eyes. Rest in peace sweet kitty. You are loved and missed.
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What a handsome boy. I'm soo sorry for your loss. May Big Daddy RIP.
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I remember so well the problems with his leg. I am glad you were able to look after him in his last years. Be happy, BD
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He was beautiful!! I am so sorry to hear he has passed.
Now he is in no pain
and he has so many loved ones to be with him...
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Big Daddy, you beautiful kitty, RIP and play on the Rainbow Bridge.
Nan, you took such wonderful care of him. So sorry for your loss.
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I'm so sorry for your loss. What a handsome boy he was! RIP sweet boy.
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Oh, he was beautiful! I am so sorry for your loss!
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I'm so sorry to hear of Big Daddy's passing. I hope you have many happy memories to comfort you.
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