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Hi there! My name is Shauna. I am CRAZY about kitties, as I'm sure the rest of you here are! I'm really looking forward to joining in on the conversations. This is the first message board I have seen or joined about cats.

A bit about my girl...Guin. After I had my 4th child (Eli is 2 & 1/2 now), I was longing for a kittie. I have rarely been without one throughout my life. Siamese and himalayans, in addition to some adorable domestics. My husband agreed that I could go to the local animal shelter to look. I went for a male kitten and I came away with anything but! When I walked in, I saw this big, beautiful male tiger lounging in his crate. He looked like such a big love-bug! As I was talking to him and trying to get him to pay attention to me, I felt something batting at my head. I looked up to find a scrawny, sweet cat rubbing all over her crate bars and batting out at me. I talked to her for a minute, then went back to looking at the male, who'd now rolled over on his back and was belly-up. What a lazy boy! The other cat still was frantically trying to get my attention, so when a worker came over to me and asked me if I wanted assistance, I told her, "Well, I came in for a male kitten. I have four children, one being a young baby. Then I saw this fella. He is so sweet looking! BUT, this kittie here is bound and determined that I hold it...what is it?" I was told that it was a little girl and took her in my arms as she was handed to me. She hugged and hugged me! Oh how my heart melted! This little girl was telling me she was bound and determined to be mine!

I left the shelter knowing that the decision was made. That little girl chose me! I really didn't have a say in the matter! After speaking with the worker about how well I could expect this little female cat (approx. 1 year old) to do with the baby, I walked out with the adoption papers. I took them over for hubby to sign and went right back to turn them in. The next day, we were told she was ours! We picked her up and took her to the groomer's for a nice pampering. She came out smelling sweet as a rose! She got a perfect bill of health at the vet's office and it wasn't long before our beautiful Lady Guinivere began filling out, maybe a little too nicely!

I don't know what we would do without Guin. The kids are always saying, "Mommy, can you imagine life without Guin?!" NO! I can't! She isn't very agressive about wanting attention anymore. She wants it on her own terms, but she is a loving kittie. She really adores the 3 older kids. Life wouldn't be complete without her!

So that's my story about the love of my life. I am here to read and share because I have always been interested in breeding and/or possibly running a cat rescue. Time will tell which path I take! We are attending our first cat show in Fort Wayne, Indiana this Saturday, so I am REALLY excited about that!

Sorry this was so long! I really look forward to some introductions and meeting some of you!
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Hi Shauna!

Just wanted to welcome you aboard, and to compliment you on your little girl. She is absolutely beautiful! Isn't it funny how our furballs end up owning us, instead of the other way around?
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Welcome Shauna! You will love it here!
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Welcome Shauna! Lady Guinivere is just beautiful. Her name suits her perfectly.

My little boy kitty chose us in much the same way Guin chose you. We went into a pet store (ack - I know) without any intention of bringing a kitty home. Trent saw us out of all the people there and decided that we are his people. Needless to say, we came home with a little black purrball of love!

They really know who they should come home with, don't they?

Hope to see you posting often! We have a few breeders and a few who work almost exclusively with rescue and ferals. There is always someone around here who can answer just about any question you may have about cats!
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Welcome Shauna, isn't it amazing how we have it all planned out but it seems as if "someone" has a different plan in mind
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