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Twitch scratching at the door-driving me nuts!

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So, Twitch has gotten the brilliant idea to scratch at my bedroom door at night. Of course, she always waits until I am almost asleep, or when Lily & I are cuddled up together. I got smart & put two pillows on the back of the door to muffle the sound. Still doesn't work. She will wake me up.

There could be several reasons for this.
1)Damita & Chico are in crates in the basement.
2)Tabitha is recovering from her surgery in the bathroom(she goes out to the garage with the rest of the outside kitties Monday).
3)She wants to get meowmy mad(she seems to derive quite a bit of pleasure over getting me mad).

The odd thing is, she was scratching at the door before there were ever other cats in the house. I would let her out oupstairs, but she screams at Ophelia in teh upstairs bathroom all night long. I would let her out downstairs(where my bedroom is), but the ringworm fosters are down there. I don't want to take the chance that she comes into contact with them.

Any ideas on what I can try? I am only looking for ideas. Twitch can sleep upstairs for all I care(I considered that she doesn't like sleeping in my bedroom-she wants upstairs of just out in general). I bought some cat repellant spray, but it bugged me more than it did her. I thought about one of those Scat spray cans, but I don't know if I like the idea of one of those. If they make a loud noise, how is that going ot startle Twitch?

I would move the fosters upstairs, but they are still contaigous & Twitch & Lily are upstairs all day. I cannot think of a solution other than putting her upstairs & blocking the door between Twitch & Ophelia. Ophelia is doing do well upstairs(she comes out of the bathroom & plays, she is exploring). She has made quite a few breakthroughs, so I don't really want to move her unless I have to.
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Try Hissy's idea. Park the vacuum cleaner outside the door to the bedroom and turn the switch on. Run the cord under the door and put the plug near an outlet close to your bed. When your kitty starts scratching, plug the vacuum in for a few seconds, then unplug. Kitty will soon figure out that the results of scratching on the door are not pleasant!

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Ordinarily, I would try that, but in this case, I cannot. You see, Twitch is deaf. Ophelia is too.
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