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Chance Update

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For anyone that has been following chance's progress or if not chance is my 3 week old kitten he turned three weeks today. Well the other day my sister took him to the vet and he was 7.5 oz at approx. two weeks he was 4 oz. well just wanted to tell everyone that he is doing good and i would like to know when cats get there retracted claws and when you can cut there nails without hurting them he has some sharp nails.

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I had missed your other post, but I am glad your baby is doing well. Do you have any pics of him? They are soooo adorable at that age.
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Originally Posted by krazy kat2
Do you have any pics of him? They are soooo adorable at that age.
Here are the pictures that you asked for:
4 days old (my sister is holding him)

16 days old in the next two pictures ( i am holding him in my sister's room)

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Awww super adorable!
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Cassidy, he is gorgeous. I'm so glad he's doing well and stacking on the weight LOL.
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Well I just figured out yesterday that indeed he got his retractable claws. Okay well he is doing good still but I have moved him into a bigger box because he got out of the other box as my sister said. Well I am just worried that he will get cold because there is a big area were the heating pad isn't should I be worried about him getting cold although he hasn't really been interested in exploring the other areas of the box yet I just introduced him to it like 3 hours ago.

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At 3 weeks, he will easily be able to move away from and onto the heat pad according to how warm he feels.
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AWWW! He looks alot like our new babies too. Now I know what ours will look like in a few weeks time.... im already in love!

P.S. I know what you mean about the claws...our kits have teensy razors on their lil pink feet. lol
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To cute. Please keep the pictures coming. Would love to see the baby boy grow up.
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