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She's about the right age, Pouncer that is. Going on 7 months, and she just started on Monday- roughly the first day of spring. She's right on time. :P

She's been going around the house meowing, chirping, purring and rolling excessively around on the carpet. She's being VERY vocal, which is really out of the ordinary for her because ever since I got her she's been a very quiet cat. And she's been letting me stroke her stomach, something she usually rolls over and nips at my hand angrily about.

Are her genitals supposed to be a bit swollen too? Because that's what it kind of looks like...

I've been keeping her inside, just in case... :P

edit: is there anything i can do to help her settle down? she sounds almost like it hurts... xP all pathetic-meowy sounds... and how long should i expect this to last?