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They're made of METAL for crying out loud!!

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Okay, so I know better than to leave bags of catfood anywhere not locked up. Even if I leave it for a minute, the crew will tear it open. I learned that lesson the hard way.

So last night I come with a case of canned cat food. CANNED mind you. In metal cans. Hence the term, canned.

I left it on my counter and went to let my dogs out. Two minutes I was gone. I come back to find the case on the floor.

The plastic ripped open.

Cans spilled everywhere.

FOUR chewed open with my cats eating eagerly out of them through the tears.

And my bengal cat swiftly chewing open a fifth can.

He wasn't happy with me taking it away and checking his mouth for cuts. But honestly...

Metal cans! They're not starving, for crying out loud...what on earth would possess him to chew open metal cans??
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Did he chew through the sides, or open the ring-top? I've heard of cats doing the latter (and raccoons doing the former, but not cats). It might just be the challenge that's appealing, sort of, "Well, because it was there!"
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LOL! I'll be sure not to leave my cans out either! Oh my goodness!
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Yikes! Are you sure you have cats and not tigers?!
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I say set up a camera and hope for a repeat- you could win a funniest home videos with that behavior!
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Wow! I have never heard of cats doing that. I think, whether they are overweight or not, many cats just don't know when they've had enough to eat, and eat any chance they get. Maybe that is why?? jcat's reason may be true, too. That is very strange.

They must have some pretty strong teeth though and I don't know how they could do that without getting cut by the metal......
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They were ringtop cans, yes, but he did not open the ring tops. He chewed through the sides and edges of them after peeling off the labels. And yes, having a cut mouth was my biggest worry but he was fine.

I'd be very tempted to get out a camera and tape him doing it, but I don't want him to hurt himself. He was lucky this time...those metal cans can be sharp when punctured!
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WOW! I would say your cat REALLY enjoys the challenge of the hunt for his food! Maybe you can feed him in a rubber bowl with the lid partially closed, so he has to pull it off to get to the food? Or get one of those dog toys called a Kong, where you hide treats in it, and the dog has to chew at it and roll it around to get to the treats?

That kitty really wants to fight for his food!
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Well, he IS an F3 bengal, so I wouldn't be surprised if he really wanted to 'hunt'. I'll have to look into spicing up his meal times and see if that helps.
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Oh my gosh! And I thought my babies were deviant!

I like Beckiboo's Kong advice. Another good toy is the Peek-A-Prize box by Smart Cat.
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