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Daily Thread for Weds......

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A day that is gloomy and overcast. Good time to shift the old hay to the front of the barn to make room for the new stuff. Caspia showed up this morning, no worse for wear and hogged down all the food I gave her. I watched her when she left from the bedroom window and it looks like she went under the neighbor's house, so the kittens are safe. All I can do at this point is be sure she has food, I set some out under the bushes near the fence where she vanished and hope the bugs don't find it first.

Kind of nice that today I can really relax and not do anything major. I think I will just make it a work outside day, as soon as I get out of my jammies that is! Everyone have a wonderful day.
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I am feeling tired today. I am having alot of trouble with my arm. On Monday Striker really did a number on it with his claws as we were trying to get him to the vet. I am scarred pretty badly and even though I have been washing the cuts with anti-bacterial soap, there seems to be some infections setting in. Oh well - if it still bothers me latter I will go to the doctor. I am so ready to go home! I hope everyone else is having a good day!
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Hello everyone. How's everyone's day going?
Its great here, nice and sunny. A bit chilly, but that is better than rain! I am working right now ( got kids here ) , and later I am hitting the grocery store. ugh, its my least favorite thing to do! But we have to eat so it is not a choice!:tounge2:

2 more days till Friday!!!!!!
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GET TO THE DOCTOR! Cat scratches and bites are really really dirty - lots o bacteria, you probably need antibiotics! Please go today, or at least call......DOH YOU GIRL......

A friend of mine is a groomer and she got badly bitten and scratched and she swelled like a balloon - and she went to the dr. right away and got on antib's - please buddy, go or call your DR.
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ok mom - I will call my Dr and set up an appt for hopefully today after work. if not definately tomorrow.
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you called me mom..... I'M TOO YOUNG FOR THAT! No really, I wouldn't want you to get totally sick.... now go eat your vegetables, and get your elbows off the table:tounge2:
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I agree with Jakenjinx. Cat inflicted wounds can get nasty. I read that cats harbor way more bacteria than a dog so that's why cat bites are often more dangerous than dog bites.

If you have any suspicions that things aren't right, get yourself to a doctor!

A couple of months ago, my cat accidentally scratched me (he launched himself off of my lap), and left a bloody, 3 inch slice in my leg. It was just one scratch so I cleaned it and dressed the wound. The next day, the whole area around the scratch was bruised. It took a few weeks for the area to look ok. I can still see the scar. I shudder to think what damage kitty could have done if he meant it!
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Originally posted by jakenjinx
you called me mom..... I'M TOO YOUNG FOR THAT! No really, I wouldn't want you to get totally sick.... now go eat your vegetables, and get your elbows off the table:tounge2:
How about ok sis! Awww shucks - thanks for caring!
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Gloomy day here in Colorado, but we desperately need the rain so I can't complain. Besides, I'm stuck in an office all day so what the weather does outside really doesn't affect me anyway! :tounge2:

I'm actually pretty busy today at work, but I'm still finding time to check everything out here!

Hissy - I'm so glad to hear your new kitty came back for food if nothing else. She'll come around to you eventually.

Hope everyone has a great day!
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Its a yucky day in southern Nova Scotia- rain and clouds I wanted to go for a nice walk on the trail today, but not in this mess.

I went to the library last night with the kids- they LOVE going to pick out their own books. We ended up with two big bags full of books! :laughing: I ended up getting Dark Rivers of the Heart by Dean Koontz, and a really neat book called 'Haunted Houses: Tales From 30 American Homes'- I read a few of the short stories last night- creepy stuff!!

My son starts School Readiness Classes next week- a new program in our area supported by the Family Literacy Association. He'll learn skills he'll need for his first year of school, and I'll learn how to deal with some issues he may face (bullies, etc) I think we'll both enjoy it :rainbow:

Well...I did it I went out and spent over $100 on a hamster cage and supplies today :laughing: I'm going to pick up my sweet little girl tomorrow. I'm such a sucker for a furry face I hope she settles in well. My hubby was very impressed with the cage I got- its one of the modular ones that can be expanded with tubes. He has visions of creating a whole hamster village for our new addition! I guess when you're married to Dr. Dolittle (me) it rubs off on you..:LOL:

Have a great day everyone!!

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Hey all,

Havn't been on much. There's about a handful of stuff that's been happening. I am feeling a little better today. I had a good cry this morning, and have been able to keep it together so far.
First thing this morning, I was greeted with Rhiann having her kittens. She decided to have them about 4am. I will get pictures a little later and post them.
The last few weeks have been horrible and today I am hoping for some sunshine in my life
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Ady - you are the best please let us know how you are doing, and kick the cat for us....KIDDING TOTALLY KIDDING! poor kidden - poor you....

Sandy - I hope things get better for you... a good cry is always healthy - when Romeo went in January, I cried for a month.... You just cry you little eyes out if you need to....hope the liddle kiddens are well, the surely will put a smile on your face...liddle kiddens sooooooo cute

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Well, as of Monday, I've been feeling really crappy! First with the soar throat and bad head aches. I went to do laundry, then to the food bank where i got some food. then I went to the grocery store. When I finally got home, it was around seven. I took a NightQuil and slept until 7 the next morning. I felt a little better, except I still had the soar throat and I also developed a cough. Been drinking a lot of water and juice. I had to work so I did everything as quickly as possible. When I went home, I started to feel bad again. So, I went home, took a shower, and took another cup of nightquil and slept until 7 this morning. I am still feeling bad. Just been drinking a lot of water and taking Vitamins to help. And I feel tired. I am hoping this ailment will go away soon. I can't afford to be sick! I work all week. I found out today that tomorrow is the last day of school until the 28th of may. don't worry, I will try and come to chat every day. I work most next week too.
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I hope you feel better soon Sandie

Well everything is going pretty well I guess. My throat has been feeling really funny for the past couple of days. It's not sore, but one side of it hurts and feels swollen. When I was eating dinner last night the food had a hard time going down on the side it hurts, like the passage was narrow. The funny thing is that I feel fine, I'm a little tired but I feel fine.

Do any of you just get tired of food. I am so burned out on the things I usually prepare for dinner and I'm burned out on all the food places around my house.

Ady, hope you feel better soon too.
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Sabra- I think we are suffering the same thing. I've been like this for a a half a week!
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I get tired of food, too. I live alone, and work long hours during the week. Usually, on the weekend I will cook a casserole or large dish, and freeze for the week. My thoughts usually go like this:

Sat: Yum! I love (food here)!
Sun: This (food here) I made tastes even better the 2nd day.
Mon: Oh, I guess I should eat this (food here) in the fridge before it goes bad.
Tues: Crud. Not (food here) again.
Wed: I love Wild Oats market! Prepared foods!
Thurs: I should eat (food here) to clear out my freezer.
Fri: If I eat any more (food here), I'll get sick.
Sat: Yum! I love (new food here).

I make sure to keep eggs around for scrambled eggs (great with cocktail sauce) and at least one Lean Cuisine in the freezer for when I don't want (food here).
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This is always a quick dish for me and it's pretty dang good. Cheap too!!

Cook 1 cup white long grain rice in 1.5 cups beef broth.
Cut up and cook keilbasa sausage in frying pan, add 1 can of Veg-all, then stir in rice. Viola...good,quick,cheap meal.
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Ady, cat wounds are nasty!! I've been bit my cats and dogs and let me tell you those little pointy teeth hurt the worst!! This one cat clamped down on my middle finger and it swelled up to 3 times it's normal size and I couldn't bend it for a week. Since I couldn't go on antibiotics I had to soak my finger at least 3 times a day till it healed. Ow!!

Nothing new here. It's been gorgeous out but chilly. I can't wait till it warms up. I love summer time.

It sounds like a few of you aren't having the best week but I hope everything gets better. It's almost Friday!!
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A friend of mine e-mailed that she is sending me a colon cleanse regime. It's an herbal deal for clearing toxins out of your body. Several of my friends have been doing these over the last year and they always feel really good afterwards. I wanted to do it, but it seemed kind of frivolous with all the other stuff going on in my life (and places I need put my money), so I'm really excited about this gift.

Thing is, she expects me to get it next week sometime. And, in a strange coincidence, assuming there are no problems, my divorce is supposed to be final on May 8.

It's like, someone's trying to tell me it's time to get all the sh*t out of my life, both literally and figuratively.
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Hee hee - that's a great last line Sunlion (and a great attitude to have too).

Colon cleanse regime? That sounds like it could be scary .

Anyhow, be careful of what you take. One always hears that just because something is natural/herbal doesn't mean it can't interact with other meds or result in side effects.
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It was a sunny day here, but we are in a drought so any rain is welcome.

I have many papers to grade tonight, but I just don't feel like it. I teach English as a Second Language. We have been doing our end of year assessments. I think we assess these students so much, it's a little ridiculous. So all the ESL students schedules are whack this week, since their teachers are monitoring testing.

Today we actually had a substitute to help. Poor woman, I could tell she never worked in a city school before. She seemed to be experiencing culture shock. Then one of my students topped off her day by calling her a mother f---ing b---- just because he didn't want to do any work with her. He is so lucky I was not around when he said it. I hauled his a-- to the principal, who promptly sent him home. I had to reassure the sub that it was not a personal attack. I hope today did not scare her away for good.

The really sad thing is, usually this boy is nice. He's a bit of a pain, and likes to cause disruptions, but he isn't mean.
Ok, I feel better now. ANd it is almost Friday, and payday
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