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What's da plan for the weekend folks?

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Well....anyone have big plans for the weekend?

I'm going to a lacrosse game tomorrow - it is fan appreciation day - so it should be fun. Kevin will enjoy it (no babysitter tomorrow). I just hope that my back holds out.

Sunday will be household chores - cleaning and laundry - woohoo!

Hopefully soemwhere in there I'll get a little extra sleep!

Hope everyone has a good weekend!
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We're going to an AFL game to see an AFL promo game during halftime. We're going to a Colorado Crush game tomorrow (Arena Football League), because the Denver Bulldogs, our US Austrailian Football League team, will be doing an exhibition game during halftime. Since it will be years before we can see a real Footy game in Australia, this will have to do.

Sunday,we'll be watching NASCAR at Bristol. Boogity boogity boogity! Let's go racin', boys!
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Ashly cat and Buddy Bear dog are going for their annual exams and shots tomorrow morning then I'll wait until hubs gets home and we'll go to lunch.

Sunday is finish the shed/foster kennel day. Oh...and poopscoop day.
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Not a lot i am afraid. Pete is on nights this weekend so i shall be spending it creeping around the house, trying to avoid the squeaky floorboards
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I'll be having a nice week end in. I should have three movies from Netflix in my mail box when I get home tonight so that should take care of entertainment for a little bit. And hopefully either this weekend or early next week, I'll received the CSI box set I bought. (Season 1 Las Vegas).

Other than that I'm planning on cleaning my apartment and probably stopping by the grocery store oh and doing laundry. I will probably spend Sunday at my parent's though catching up all everything going on in the family.

Man I have an exciting life don't I?
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I love CSI, got seasons 1 to 4 excellent entertainment. The new season 5 has just been released here, but i will have to wait a bit before
buying it
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Tonight hopefully we will be picking up the Prelude. Saturday we are going Go kart racing and sunday the usual bowling in the AM and then do some laundry and house work and then dinner at my mom and dads. Bar-b-q chicken and corn on the cob, potato salad and green salad! YUM!!
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Working all day Saturday AND Sunday.....
I need a vacation...
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Tonight I'm going to my nephew's birthday party - he's turning 2 and is an extremely cute and charming little dude (yeah, I'm a proud aunt!). Tomorrow I have to work most of the day and Sunday will be devoted to laundry and cleaning.
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I will go and do some retail therapy tomorrow as i need it.. and i might be going on a date
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Saturday I will be at the HS from 10am-2pm(or later). I have church saturday night & I have to go, I am an usher. Sunday morning I have to be at the HS by 8am to clean up after the cats. The person who does dogs might not be there, so I might have to do them, too. I hope to be out of there by noon. I Have two tests next week I need to study for & a paper due by 2am Tuesday morning(Online class & there is a time difference). I have to really clean the ringworms cats cages. The dog bedding needs to be washed. I might be bringing home a foster dog that came from sad condiotions, was adopted, & then became aggressive & was surrendered again. They need to know if she really is aggressive & I am the only one willing to let her live in the house to find out(what's she going to do-bite me?).

At some point I want to squeeze a nap in there, too.
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Originally Posted by valanhb
Sunday,we'll be watching NASCAR at Bristol. Boogity boogity boogity! Let's go racin', boys!
You'll be there? or just on TV? if you're going, lucky duck! What driver do you follow? I'm a Junior fan, I also like Kasey Kahne, must be something about the red cars Bristol is always great... lots of bumping

For me this weekend, I'm working as usual, going to try to get some stuff ready for the kittens, get out another litter box for one Got to wash my linens and I'm probably going to shampoo my living room carpet again- I bought one of those Bissell power somethings, it works well and is very easy to use! not too much else
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I am going SHOPPING with my friend Anna - cha ching And then I am going to spend the evening in front of the TV with a couple of DVD's and a glass of wine!

Let us know how your date go's Fran
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Blissfully, for the first time in months, I have NO plans this weekend!
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Spring cleaning and relaxing. Oh and I'll be down on my knees praying the weather stays nice and we don't all of a sudden get low temps and snow.
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Originally Posted by katiemae1277
You'll be there? or just on TV? if you're going, lucky duck! What driver do you follow? I'm a Junior fan, I also like Kasey Kahne, must be something about the red cars Bristol is always great... lots of bumping
I wish we were there! We'll just be watching it on TV, though. My favorite driver is Tony Stewart, but I also really like Junior and Mikey Waltrip and Bobby Labonte. Hubby is a lifetime Petty fan, so he is thrilled that Bobby is back in the 43. That was a nice win for Kasey last week!
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Nothing too exciting here. Test driving a new car tonight ( ) and doing some retail therapy with a friend. Tomorrow - SLEEPING IN! And then hitting up the YMCA and thats about it after that... just relaxing and doing some much needed spring cleaning
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We have to finish packing this weekend as we get the keys to the new house on Monday. Tomorrow we go over there for the current owner to show us how to run the controls on the hot tub, pool, central vac, etc. Sunday we borrow a truck to buy supplies at Home Depot for our current home. I've already packed all the desk and file cabinet tonight and just stopped in for a breather before I pack up the clothes. Man we got a lot of crap!

*whew* almost there. The cats are slightly stressing but still hanging in there for us.
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I am cleaning tomorrow and shopping for some new pants. I am running low on pants. Then vet appointment at 4:40 for my little Bowie who is peeing all over the house. She had crystals last time so that is probably what it is again.

I might head up to the Clevelan Film Festival if I have some free time, its the last weekend, but I will probably save up my money for next weekend which is Cinema Wasteland. That is a big horror/sci-fi/low budget/b-movie convention for dorks like me! I love it I go every year.

Wish Bowie luck at the vets tomorrow!
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Worked on the rest of the brush mess in the front yard, however I think I seriously did something to the chipper that will need to be worked on buy a mechanic (EEEK). Went out ofr Fish fry last night and finished parents taxes. DH & Dad are gone up to the farm today so mom and I are doing retail therapy. Will cook out tonite.
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Some cleaning of the apartment, coursework and hopefully more stuff inside seeing as it's like 60 or so outside. We were planning on going shopping but I think thats off.

Although Devin looks like he wants to go for a walk but as soon as I take him outside he'll discover the temperatures/wind and march right back inside, giving me the "you're crazy look".
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