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There are times I hate being right.

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For example a guy I work with got a kitten for his wife's birthday about 6 months ago. I tried to tell him 2 kittens was better & declawing was a bad idea. I also had this feeling they wouldn't be a forever home for a cat. Well he called me today & of coarse they are looking to rehome her (my word not his). I just knew this was coming. He had told me she was very needy & something else he said recently just made me know the day was coming that he would ask about getting her into the shelter I volunteer at. I just hate when I'm right about things like this
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I know, i'm like that with a lot of people, you just get a gut instinct

Poor little thing, what did it do to deserve being past from pillar to post

So are you taking her?
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Yes, I called the director & she said yes. I knew it wouldn't be a problem for a couple reasons. One being that she's a Siamese RagDoll mix (those don't take long to find homes for) Also, she's update on everything spayed & tested already and only 8 months old. I know we'll find her a good home quickly, but I know it won't be an easy adjustment for her and that makes me sad.
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That poor little baby. She of course will have no clue what she did wrong!
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Well i'm so pleased that your shelter will take her and that she should find a home soon

Why can't people realise that animals have feelings as well?!
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Poor kitty. I am glad you havea slot for her and I hope she finds a good forever home soon!!
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Oh gosh I hate it when these things happen. I also wish that people would realize that cats have feelings too! This is so wrong. It's really good of you to bring it to the shelter.

I'm glad that at least your shelter will take it....
I hope it finds a caring home soon.
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What he said was that she's too needy & is keeping them up at night. He works full time, his wife works full time & goes to school and they have a young child. My first suggestion was "Did you think of getting another kitten?" He was basicly not hearing it. I tried explaining that I work full time & go to school and it's just me in the house, but they have eachother to play with while I'm gone.
I wanted to add that we will charge the same for her, breed doesn't affect price. It just makes it easier to find them a home. I'm really glad we had room too. I knew we had a little space last week, but it fills up so fast I wasn't sure.
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Originally Posted by Rang_27
He works full time, his wife works full time & goes to school and they have a young child.
Hello!, don't the vast majority of us?!. And as for being needy, well i'm just lost for words.

I don't know how you kept your cool, but it's probably fortunate for him that you did.
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Im having the same situation, sort of, but its with a dog. My friend here at work wanted a beagle because she's planning on moving out next year, and wanted to get it now while she was still at home, yadda yadda yadda. Well, she was saying that her parents had said that it better be housetrained, etc. If anyone knows anything about beagles, they are very stubborn, yet smart, they're notorious runners, that has happened a couple times already, and they love to chew In addition to the running thing, the dog has also had accidents in the house, which of course a dog is going to when entering a new environment, he has chewed up quite a few items, including her favorite slippers, and she's complainig that he keeps her up at night I'm just not very optimistic for this dog's future
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well just an update. Since yesterday was my day at the shelter I got to meet her. She's a beautiful girl, but as is to be expected was very scared. I cleaned her cage yesterday and she hissed at me a lot, but I'm used to that with new cats. The only thing that I'm not really sure about is that the vet they were taking her to gave her the F.I.V. imunization (SP?) shots, so she tested positive for FIV. I know it's because of the shots, but I'm wondering is she really positive or is it just that she's caring the dead virus from the shots?
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People just DRIVE ME NUTS!!!! I hope they never NEED anything........
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That is the reason why I wont use the FIV vaccine (although it doesn't seem to be available in the UK yet). Unless there was a prob with one of the parents, I would say it is due to the vaccine. Do you have the vaccination records? SHe sounds like a lovely cat, and one that will be easy to rehome - just a shame your friends didn't listen to you in the first place and that she didnt get to go to a forever home in the first place. Some people - what did they expect with a kitten?? And a Siamese cross at that!!
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It's strange I just keep thinking about how scared she must be right now. There are those cats that just seem to grab at me a little more than others & I guess she's going to be one of those. I'm just hoping that the vet tech who was intrested still wants her.
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I'm sure she'll find a good home, one that she deserves. I can't help thinking that she'll be better off in the long run. She'll find a home with pals to play with, and people who won't punish her for acting like a kitten. I'm sure she's lovely...don't make me come up there, I looove Siamese mixes, even more than purebreed. I think part of it is the blue eyes, which I am a sucker for. I just think they're gorgeous and unique.
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