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7-10 Babies!@#$%^&*!!!

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I have a Persian Queen due in 8 days, She had her x-ray today and the vet came out & said...You need to come see this! I went in & there were tons of babies. He thinks from 7-10 kittens all pretty much head first. Has anyone here had a mother have such a large litter? I am worried about her tiring out during birth & motherhood. I have all the bottles & kmr ready, Just wondering if anyone had any other suggestions. I will post pictures after the little ones are here. She is back in her nursery enjoying her chicken baby food.
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Good grief! That is a lot of kittens! I don't know a lot about Persians in particular, but I have heard from others that sometimes, because of the larger heads on them, delivery can be prolonged and even difficult. Have you ever had problems with this in your cats before? Is this the first pregnancy for this girl?
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Well my first litter was enough to wanna make any seasoned breeder give up. She gave birth to 3 kittens then stopped so we took her in for an emergency c-section where she died during surgery. So I hand-reared all 4 kittens that are now in loving pet homes. So they sometimes do have difficult births, But this queen Hope (Tortie) has had 2 previous litters. she is 4 years old now & this will be her last litter. This will be her first litter with me, I bought her from a friend of mine who got her from Arkansas. She is a nice big girl so we were hoping for an un-eventful labor until we learned of the large litter today. & 8 more days for them to grow....the vet said they were good sized as i was worried about them all being soo tiny because of the large litter, he only laughed & said Oh no, these are quite good sized.... I will let you know how goes, We have just finished building the queens their own nursery suite. So I'm happy to know it will be in good use right Thanks for the reply!
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That is a bunch of kittens!!!! I think that calls for a drink!!
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I know right!
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I'm thinking of having a kitten delivery
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Shoot, you're going to need an assembly line!!
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Wow, that's a lot of babies! I'm not sure how a Mom could nurse 10 kittens! But at least she had done this before. Best of luck with the delivery.
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Cook...We had a stray cat(domestic shorthair) a few years ago that had 8 kittens and she did have trouble giving birth(she was bleeding heavily and we even had to help pull a few kittens out).But after giving birth the kittens were all healthy and so was mom.She nursed them normally(they never all ate at one time) although there were so many of them.But the outcome was wonderful everyone went to FURR-ever homes.So just keep a good eye on her and if you feel as though something is wrong do not hesitate to contact your vet.Good Luck and keep us updated!
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I had a large litter of 10, the Momma got too tired after the 8th baby to continue having the energy to contract, much less push. She had to go to the vet for just one injection of oxytocin. He said that in these large litters, it is not uncommon for the uterus to become to weak to contract anymore and need assistance. It some instances just massaging the belly, can begin contractions again, but if not a vet visit will be in order.
Try and give her a snack and water between her kittens, if she will take it to keep her energy up.
Keep an eye on all the babies weight closely, it is easy in a large litter for one or two to begin dropping in weight. We had to supplement a few meals, but it wasn't long until the kittens were doing well, and learning to take turns eating.
Congratulations on the upcoming birth, and I hope that everything goes well.
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Our Shenzi gave birth to a litter of 8, last August, with no trouble. I did not witness the births, came in right after she had the last one, but she did not eat the placentas of the last 2 so, I cut and tied the cords for her. Other than that, totally uneventful and she did really well with them, still does.

A large litter sure is a blessing (we kept 4 of the kittens- they are now 7 months old and wild!), but very taxing on the mother. I agree with keeping close records of their weights, daily is best. And I think supplementing with KMR is helpful for the smallest ones.

Good luck to you, I cannot wait to see pics when they are born!!!!
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Actually, I would like to see a pic of mamma kitty now, I'll bet she is huge!!!
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OOps, just saw her pic on another thread, LOL

She looks pretty big!
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7-10???? yikes
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Wow thats a lot of kittens! I dont no what Id do if Storm had that many (she had 4 almost three weeks ago). Good luck with the kittens, and the delivery goes well .

Im also sorry about your loss something like that happened to me but it was my bunny, and he died while getting his leg amputated(he broke it) and being fixed. Totaly different thing but mehs
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Honestly, heaven forbid if that were to happen to me, I would not be able to continue breeding. I'd be to heart broken. (Please Meeka have a smooth delivery!). And I hope yours goes smooth as well!!
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My cat had 8 kittens last year. That's a good number, because (I was told) cats have 8 nipples. So make sure you watch the feeding to make sure babies are all getting fed. If you've hand-raised, you have lots of experience with that! Weighing kittens every day is a really good idea, too. Make sure to give momma KMR or whatever she wants to eat or drink to keep up her strength. Our cat got really really skinny after nursing for 10 weeks or so. Then she got a bowel obstruction and we almost missed it because when you have 11 cats it's hard to tell if everyone eats. At least at our house! Make sure to let us know how many you end up having - and the best of luck!
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Thanks everyone for sharing! I feel a bit relieved to hear that everything went well for you all with large litters. Solarity: It just about stopped me breeding, Because in the same month my future stud had a blood clot & had to be put to sleep...which left me kittieless & heartbroken...But then I seen an ad for a Beautiful Boy & The passion was back, Funny how that is but I am glad for that. This has always been my dream. This is the first litter since then & my mentor keeps reassuring me everything will be fine & that I just witnessed what alot of breeders have to deal with occasionally & It just happened to me the first time. I planned the litter for 2 years, Had all testing done, x-rays & ultrasounds fed Royal Canin & still it happened. Funny how kitties have litters everyday in the worst conditions & all goes well?!@$ Whoops! Sorry rambling. I am starting to get quite nervous. I will definatley get pics as soon as the babies arrive. Here are some pics of the Nursery & Parents:

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Oh how nice! I hope everything goes without a hitch, and then you will be doubly rewarded!!
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That nursery is just so adorable! Even little bunny prints on the walls. Awwwww!
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Oh the Father cat is just beautiful!
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