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Interesting new habit

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Within the past, probably 2 weeks or so, Tryon has started scratching at my comforter. It's the same sort of digging/scratching that she does in the litter box, or at my carpet when she's trying to hide her food.

Shes not peeing on my bed, so I don't think she's mistaking it for the litter box. Her nails are constantly clipped and she does her scratching on a post. This is really more of a.... digging? Like she's trying to cover something, but there's nothing there to cover.

I'm not really worried about her ruining my comforter or making her stop because she never uses her nails to do it. I'm just wondering why she does it and what might have caused her to start all of a sudden.

BTW - the comforter is washable suede, so it is very soft, but it's not new. I've had it since before she came to live with us.

Thoughts on this?
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Every cat I've had the priviledge of loving had interesting reactions to suede and leather. I think it's the fact that it smells like another animal and she's trying to figure it out. I've had cats do what your baby does, while others incessantly licked it, while others tried to eat it. I think she recognizes it's from another animal and is just reacting to it.
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Oh interesting. I never even thought of it that way. Neat concept... I almost want to toss a leather purse on the floor and see how she reacts

Thanks very much!
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Oh, you're so welcome. Glad I could help!
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