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Bumble has gone missing!!!

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One of my furbabies, Bumble, has gone missing. I haven't seen him since saturday (it is now friday) and i'm very worried. He is a male and hasn't been neutered so i'm hoping he is just off having some fun with a lady cat but the day he went missing i noticed a patch of blood near his food bowl which is getting me even more worried. I've been out looking for him and keep calling him but to no avail. His brother Bobby is missing him aswell, he is also an un-neuterd male but he is still around and i've checked that it wasn't him that the blood came from but he didn't have any wounds (for a change, he is always fighting). Bumble is only 2 years old and a very healthy cat. Do you think he will come home????
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I'm sorry to hear that he's gone missing! I'll move this to SOS for you.
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I am sorry to hear your little bumble has gone missing.

{{{{sending come home and be safe vibes for bumble}}}}

unfortunately jenni,and i dont want you to lose hope of seeing him again,but it is possible that you may never see him again,When a un-neutered tom is let out,they do get into fights,he will establish his 'patch' but there is always a bigger and meaner tom that will always come along and they can fight to the death for your boys 'patch'.if they do not fight to the death ,your boy could have taken such a beating that he dare not come back for fear of this other cat.
Not only that but letting bumble out un-neutered puts him at risk from feline aids and other diseases.And he will be adding to the feral cat overpopulation too.
I am sure you do not want any little bumbles roaming the streets and the undergrowth,it is such a pitiful way for a cat to live.
If you find him and i sincerely hope you do,have him neutered.

He will be a lot safer.
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I am so sorry Bumble has gone. I hope he comes home, if I were you I would neuter his friend and if Bumble comes back get him neutered aswell.
I'm thinking of you and hope he finds his way home unharmed
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Hun, sadly its mating season

Hopefully he'll come home when he's done his 'bit'.

Sending you vibes for his safe return!
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