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So my mom found out I adopted Yen and let her have her kittens. She is not understanding at all! I have competly fallin in love with Kitten B. She is my litte soul mate. My mother believes I should wait to have pets until I have finished university and own a farm house.
Has anyone ever disaproved of your pets?
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Only my 'creepies', never my cute fuzzies/feathereds.
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My Dad hates my Limerick. But we both are out of here in a year
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I'm afraid I got my animal-loving genes from my parents. Cats - mother; Dogs - father. Horses - who knows, I'm a girl, right?
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all i ever had was dogs and turtles i was never and i mean never-ever allowed to have cats. i know it sounds bad but after my grandmother passed one of the first things i did was get a cat actually found a cat i should say. my grandparents hated cats
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My mother hates my fish .... I could have a zillion dogs and cats but fish she hates..
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my parents are both cat lovers so they both cant resist a fuzzy baby!
Mums had cats while she grew up and my dad liked kitties when he was a kid they lived on a farm so lots of kitties were there.
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I don't hang out with people who don't like pets.
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My parents and husband's parents were less than thrilled with our love of animals. They like dogs, but don't find them as what I would refer to as my furry four legged child. Both of our families have had dogs, but they have been outside only. Our dogs are inside only, unless they follow us outside. They really dislike cats, but they only tell us now every month or so, instead of daily.
The whole family meets at our home for the holidays, so they decided to gang up on us a little over a year ago. So, while I had them around the table, I asked them several questions.
Have my pets ever hurt or bothered you? Parents: No.
Have my pets ever shown behavior issues? Parents: No
Have my pets always got proper vet care, plus spoiled rotten in every other department? Parents: Yes
Does my house ever smell of pets, or in dissaray, unless one of my 2 legged kids, left a toy out? Parents: No
Do you expect me to get rid of your grandkids? Parents: Of course not!!
Then don't expect me to get rid of your grandpuppies or grandkitties.

We also have 2 really large hairy dogs, that our neighbors see us walking, and they think we are pretty much nuts....LOL They all have tiny dogs that are smaller than my cats...LOL
I have found I like animals more than most people.
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My grandmother has never approved, especially as we went from 2 to the maximum of 5. It was really bad when we 1st had Kevin - she thought that the cats would smother him in his sleep. Now we are concerned that he will smother them with love, hugs and kisses!
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nobody understand why I take in FeLV+ kitties, I'm not sure I totally understand myself, but I do know that it makes me feel like I am doing a good thing, everybody deserves a chance My Mom has also had issues with how MANY animals I've had, but as I have no children I need to take care of something! I told her earlier this week that I am getting her and my dad those t-shirts that say: My Grandchild is a cat? and my Grandchild is a dog??
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My mom hates the fact that I adopted ANY cats let alone 3 of them. Oh's my money!
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I swear I am a long distance relative of Noah!! We have always had tons and tons of animals! I can't remember a single time we didn't have at least 1 or 2 cats and dogs! My mom has 8 doxie's, which IMO is WAAAAAAY too many b/c her house REAKS! My BF totally despises dogs, but they always seem to love him! But I would take in just about any and every animal i could lay my hands on if I could #1 afford it, #2 had room for them all, #3 if I was single!! But the only time anybody ever disapproved of any pet I brought home was when I brought 2 puppies home, and they just about drove Billy NUTS! I unfortunately had to find new homes for them because they destroyed my house!
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Oh, Billy was also upset when I kept Rotten, but that was only because my apartment had a no pets rule... After I moved he fell in love with her! Oh and he also didn't like the Ferrets because they "smelled bad". *sigh*
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I feel the same way.... but for some reason I was meant to love all animals. Once I am done university I am going to have a farm and rescue animals. I was blessed with One cat named Sam who made my life so enriched and showed me how to love unconditionally. I miss him a lot but since he's gone, I feel like if I can save another cat, I'm giving a little something back to him, who gave me sooooo much. I just wish my parents would understand.
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Originally Posted by Mom2SalemIsis
all i ever had was dogs and turtles i was never and i mean never-ever allowed to have cats. i know it sounds bad but after my grandmother passed one of the first things i did was get a cat actually found a cat i should say. my grandparents hated cats
That doesn't sound bad at all. You respected her wishes while she was alive.
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My dad doesnt like animals. So pretty much he doesnt like the fact that I have a cat. He's alergic so I understand, seeing as I hate tomatos and are alergic to them.

He does ask about Devin and ask when I'm going to get a dog since I've always wanted a Corgi. Of course my mom babies/spoils Devin and my sister's cat. José's mom also loves to fawn over Devin.
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