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I feel like giving up. Don't know what else to do.

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I have taken in a cat that was being mistreated by my neighbor. I had her for over a month and she still acts bipolarish. On minute she loves you and the next she is VERY evil. I'm never going to find her a home. I am stuck with an evil cat. I would like to wack my neighbor in the head. Grrrr!!! I am soo very frustrated. I think that I am the only person on earth that would ever put up with a creature that acts like this. Are there behaviorists for cats, seriously? I honestly have no clue what to do with this cat. I still need to take her to the vet for a check up, but I don't believe that there is anything wrong physically with her. It is all mental she needs a shrink. Someone please reasure me that she won't be evil forever.
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Can you describe what she does and when? Example, after petting a while, she puts her ears back and bites. Or she bites when you touch her sides. Also, is she spayed? Sometimes they can get growths on their ovaries and if you just touch them wrong they will bite you no matter how loving they normally are. Cats aren't normally "evil", IMO, I think they are trained to behave so.
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Hopefully she won't be evil forever but she is going to need a LOT of time and patience, she can sense your fusteration so that makes her more tense. Don't go out of your way to be friendly to her. Just basically ignore her but care for her and talk to her. Don't look at her or do anything else unless she comes to you for attention. That is the first suggestion I can give you.

Buy a Feliway Plug (or two) in because it helps modify unwanted behaviors.

Yes there are Animal Behaviorists but I think you know what the problem is. She just doesn't fully trust anyone. There is not much you can do (or a behaviorist can do) but be extremely patient and calm with her.
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She is not evil, she has been traumatized. I work with these type of cats all the time. You want quick solutions and this is a slow and yes sometimes frustrating process. She does not trust you and although you know she is now in a good place, she has to realize this first and it takes time...time and more time. Don't get angry, don't get frustrated. Don't push contact, just take it slow. I will be happy to help you and suggest you first invest in a couple of Comfort Zone Room diffusers, and plug those in. Also look at www.littlebigcat.com and their sister site Spirit Essence and ask them what type of rescue remedy will help your newcomer.
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She is spayed. She just gets into these moods. You can be petting her but it doesn't have to be for a long time. It just depends on if she feels like being touched. The weird thing is, is she will be purring and you talking to her put your hand to touch her and then all of the sudden she will grab you and hiss. I notice that she acts all playful and runs around the room like she is playing and then when you try to play with her she plays and then quickly turns rotten too. I bet you that my neighbor abused her. How in the world can I work with that cat so she will be normal. I have 5 cats already. She is in a room by herself. I can't have 6 cats ecspecially one that acts like that but I refuse to give her to a home that isn't going to take good care of her. But no one wants an evil cat. I don't want to take her to a shelter because I know that they would give her a behavior test and she would fail and they would put her to sleep.
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How should I react when she bites at me?
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First, stop thinking she is evil! She isn't evil. But if you approach her as if she is evil, she will catch on to it and act accordingly because you will probably come across as aggressive or defensive to her.

She may well be having trust issues where she lets her guard down and suddenly realizes that people are bad and hurt her - then she reacts to you just like she would react to being abused. She fights back. She's likely very confused and doesn't know how to really trust you.

Right now, don't react. Don't pet. Don't play. Tend to her needs, spend time in the same room, but don't initiate contact. Sit and read to her, but otherwise ignore her. This is how you build up trust, by acting as if she isn't there. You aren't a predator to her if you don't acknowledge her.

And definitely get her to the vet for a full check up. She may also have been hurt badly in the past that never healed folly, and when the pain hits her she strikes at the nearest object that looks like the one that did it to her. Or she could have brain damage from being beaten around the head. There are 100 things that could be physically wrong that would account for this behavior.
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Kris put yourself in the cats position for a minute?.

If you had been mistreated would you trust someone straight off?, i know i wouldn't, they would have to gain my trust before i could relax with them again and who knows how long that would take because how longs a piece of string?!.

Like Heidi said don't touch her yet or pet her, let her come to you. My Rosie can have an attitude on her when she wants, such as when i pet her for too long then she lets me know she's had enough with a quick bite So then i just slowly remove my hand and after a few minutes she's fine!.

And yes, i could stand behind you and whack your neighbour myself for hurting this poor cat because theres really no need for cruelty

Please don't give up. Read over and over what advice has been given to you because were all here to help
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Thanks everyone for the advice. I will take her to the vet. That is something that I planned on anyway I just need to save up money.

First, stop thinking she is evil! She isn't evil.
I just said that because I wanted to just show her personality. This quickly sums it up. If she acts this way, why wouldn't I treat being around her with caution? I'm not being cruel to her. I just be carful when being around her because no one gets pleasure out of getting bit.
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