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Has anyone seen BodLover???

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Rhea!!!! Where are you!?!?!?!?!? I haven't seen you on in a few days...are you still alive?
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Maybe she is sick - she would have told us if her move was happening - I thought that was still a few wks away.

Bod -where are you?
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I'm sure Rhea will be back soon...she knows we her!
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Hi guys Im back!! Sorry I was off work as I was ill, I haven't been to the Cat Arena for ages actually, so I'm not sure where you heard that from?? eh well ..... hopefully the move will be at the end of this month... soo fingers crossed!
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Hope you are feeling better Rhea!
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Thanks Sabra.... - though I have to go to the Doc's tonight... not looking forward to that.... phooey....
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Rhea, I sure hope it isn't anything serious? I will think good thoughts for you. Take care!
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Thanks Hissy, much appreciated
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Welcome back Rhea! I'm glad you're feeling better. Keep us updated as to how your doctor's visit goes.
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Glad to have you back, Rhea! And I know everything will be fine. *hugs*
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Thanks all.... SuzieQ - no probs... Feeling Muuuuch better today...
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Hey Bodbaby - missed ya! You better be all healthy in time for your move!
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Offf couuuurse!! Im ready and raring to go!! Wooohooo!!! Thanks Ady!! - How you doing these days? Did the sleeping thing go ok?? What was the outcome?? Are you a certified Loon?? :LOL:
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Yup - certified loon - that's me. All they know for sure is it is not apnea, but there is something going on - but they are not sure what. They say it isn't snoring and whatever it is isn't dangerous and they want me to do the clinic again - I said no way! If it not dangerous let's just leave it - I can't afford any more time off work.
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Well at least its nothing serious ... just a little insanity here and there.... hey, its good for ya!! I can vouch for it!! :laughing2
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The insanity is the only thing that keeps me going at work!
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Have you possibly tried sleeping with those snore sticks? I can't remember the name of them, but they are the same thing the football players wear on the bridge of their nose before a game, opens things up. Now they come in little packs at the drugstore, they are a bit spendy, but I know that they work to clear up sinuses and when you have colds or if you or your partner snore? Might be an idea to check out, I have worn them and they do work. Gave me a better night's sleep anyway.
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Yup tried them. Don't work for me. They also give me a rash - I am sensitive to tape products.
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