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Potter Fans!

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Seems as if there are a LOT of Harry Potter fans! Those books are just so great. My fiance and I bought them all in hardback to save them for our kids. (On a side note, both of us were big readers as children and hope that our own learn how to read before they learn to turn on the DVD player.)

Hurray for Harry!

When is the movie coming out?
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Hi Patty!

The movie is scheduled to be released on Nov. 16.

Have you heard about the 2 new books? One is Quidditch Through the Ages and the other is Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them; both recently published. Rowling is donating all proceeds to charity. The 2nd is a reproduction of one of Harry's textbooks and has notes scrawled in the margins by Harry, Ron, and Hermione.

I agree, Harry is the greatest! I am reading the books to my 5th graders this year, and they love them.

Try visiting the Harry Potter web site. They have a trailer for the movie, and you can apply to Hogwarts and go through the Sorting. It's fun! (and if you happen to get sorted into Slytherin, you can try again).


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My fiance bought the two new books. I am not "alowed" to read them until I finish my current book "House Buying for Dummies."
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i just finished 'magical beasts' and am getting ready to start quidditch. jk rowling is unbelievable. the way she has woven all these elements together. it hits you when you're reading 'goblet of fire' that she layed the groundwork in book 1. i'm in awe of her story telling ability. i can't wait to see how the story plays itself out. i saw the movie trailer on good morning america and it looks like it's going to be great! no disapoints.

any idea when book 5 comes out?
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amazon.com says not before 2002. If you can believe it, they are already taking orders for it!
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