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I found out why Snowflake was meowing....

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The feral I wrote about in another post that I'm hoping to socialize has been meowing, fairly loud, constantly from her base of operations in the kitchen, right near the sliding doors. But she never meowed while I was in view.

Today I was in the kitchen washing out a few dishes, when suddenly I heard her meow. I thought it was a good sign that she meowed in my presence so I turned to her and started to talk. Suddenly I heard the meow again, but her mouth didn't move. I heard it again and realized it was coming from the other side of the doors.

I looked outside, and lo and behold, cowering in a corner of the desk was a kitchen, frightened, half-starved and shivering. I have a feeling she might have been there a couple of days since I hadn't been out there, and it seems the two of them have been having one hell of a conversation.

She came up to me and insisted on being held and just started rubbing against my chin, kissing me, purring like I've never heard. I fed her then whisked her off to the vet, where I found out that thank goodness he is all negative on the bad things, and seems healthy, so at least I can take him in with my guys. He's only about 5 1/2 months old (though bigger than my Rocky who is almost 8 mos) and is the most affectionate sweetest cat I've ever seen. He was purring while they were doing the blood tests!

I'm going to first put up signs to see if he was possibly lost. Then PALS is going to try and find him a home. But I have a feeling this cat was sent here for a reason, we bonded. I know i shouldn't have another, but he's special. He's gorgeous to, seems he's an abyssinian mix.

Plus, since he's already made friends with the feral, it might help me bring her out. The Cat Gods have been very busy at work again with me. lol

Wish me luck! LOL
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You know...I think lost cats/kittens always find their way to us cat lovers.

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You have fallen in love with this kitten. Give in...
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Originally Posted by xocats
You have fallen in love with this kitten. Give in...

Sigh. LOL

While we were waiting at the vet, I was petting him and talking to him. He's got these super long legs, so he's still a little wobbly, so I was teasing him and quoting Young Frankenstein, saying "walk this way." And suddenly I was inspired on what to name him.

I said "Igor," (of course pronounced Aygor). He looked right at me and his ears perked up. So Igor it is.
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Igor has a forever home.:
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Aw, what a sweet story! The friendly cat found a home because of the feral! That is so priceless!
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Ooooo! I'm so glad you found him and he found you!
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Well, I'm going to try not to get my hopes up too much because I am going to see if he's been lost, and if he had a good home, I will return him to his owners. As long as it's a good home (and it was an accident that he escaped, not neglect). Although it's hard for me to believe that a cat as people-oriented and loving as he is wasn't well-cared for.

But I will be careful, and not put a description or picture on the "found" signs. Anyone calling will have to describe him to me in very great detail, since I know there are those who go looking for cats who don't have the best intentions.

Most important thing is he's in a happy, healthy FOREVER home.
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Originally Posted by TNR1
You know...I think lost cats/kittens always find their way to us cat lovers.
I think so too. So glad Igor found you.
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Honestly, I hope no one claims him. He will have a pretty cushy life with you! Good luck with both Snowflake & Igor.
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That poor little guy. I'm so glad he's in your care now and hope he gets to stay there!
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How is little Igor today? Any news on owners, or have you decided to let him stay? It was so sweet of Snowflake to help you find each other.
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Everyone is doing fine, but I sure could use some advice! This is a very difficult awkward situation and I'm not sure what to do. But the update first.

Igor (although it takes me a while to perfect a name, and now I'm considering Cochise. lol) is laying next to me (I play on my puter laying in bed until my desk arrives) on the kitty pillow (much better use for it than my ex's empty head). He's covered up, purring his little heart out, and reaching out and touching my arm with one paw. When he yawns he makes this whiney sound that's so cute, and he just rolled over to be cuddled up next to me. Sigh. He just gets better and it seems more right by the minute.

Rocky is teaching him all his bad habits. He taught him today how much fun it is to play in the bathtub and swing on my shower curtains. Rocky does that with every cat I foster too. lol

I was right about their affect on snowflake. Caught both him and Rocky in the cage (snowflake's new hiding place is between the cage and sliding door) playing with her and nudging her through the cage. A little while later snowflake actually ventured out and slept for a while on a kitchen chair under the table, then spent a little time in the carpet cat house I left for her. She didn't even run when I went in, stayed on the chair, and let me lay on the floor and read to her and the two nuts (Deja Vu is completely disinterested)>

The advice. The woman from the rescue org. who was there when I found him, and who paid for the vet to make sure he was okay to bring in there told me she told the director about him, and she's very interested. Told me now not to put up signs, just wait for a few days and look for lost signs, and if not, they want to come on Monday and start taking pictures. Seems she feels he is extremely adoptable (or who knows, he's such a great cat the director wants him for herself becuase she's pushing really hard). And a comment was made that they don't want me being overloaded with so many cats with the foster, and I said i wasn't which is the truth, he's so easy and laid back, and with Snowball he's actually making it easier. But they are also interested in maintaining their dependable foster homes.

I was planning on offering the woman from the rescue the money she paid for the vet, which was a lot for me, but I won't have it for another week and a half (which would have worked perfectly if I put up signs for 2 weeks). Suddenly they're saying if someone cared if they lost him they'd be looking.

I know this group and they don't like their fosters to keep new animals, and do not allow it under any circumstances if it is a foster. Technically he isn't, he showed up on my back porch. But the rescue took over so it's awkward.

On the other hand, I'm torn. I'm crazy about him, and it's almost eerie how he took to me and my other guys. Him and Rocky are like they knew each other forever, as he is with me. I don"t know if any of you believe in this but I lost Fuzz 6 months ago, this guy is about 5 1/2, and the 1st time I held him I felt just like I did with Fuzz. Either this is Fuzz's soul, or Fuzz sent him here, but there's a feeling and bond there I can't explain.

But I'm also on a fixed income, have to depend on others for things like transporation right now, and 3 cats is a lot, especially since I have to be looking for an apartment soon. And it will be a stretch financially, and mean being even more frugal, but I can deal wih that. But my heart rips when I think of giving him up, and of course, couldn't give up Rocky or his Mom.

Then I think I do so much for others, and so little for myself, a big part of me is saying do what makes me happiest, which is keeping him with all the problems it will pose. Perhaps if I keep him the God's will make sure they provide in some way - although that's not usually my experience. lol

And I'll just tell her I will give her the money when I get my next check. This vet we took her too is one of the most expensive, but they are close by and Pals knows them.

The other option is let them get him a good home. But somehow I feel that it's not meant to be.

What do you think?
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Oh, and another name I'm thinking of is Valentino. First, because he's a real lover.

Second, because he's a good actor. Made me think he's so sweet and

This afternoon I was making breakfast burritos and had to leave the kitchen to answer the phone. Not usually a problem since for some reasons my guys were never interested in the counters. Came back to half the cut-up cooked sausage being gone and Mr. Perfect jumping off the counter nonchalantly like nothing happened. And I just ran into the kitchen because I heard a big crash, hoping nobody was hurt. My cat food cupboard was open and all the cans and little bags, etc., were all over the floor and he just walked by me like nothing happened. Now, just a few minutes later, he's laying next to me with his head all the way back looking at me with that "I'm perfect, aren't I" look.

Mr. Perfect. Now there's a cute name. Or maybe Purrfect (cause it may sound perfect, The right one will come to me when he's ready to let me know what it is.

One day and he knows where the cat food is kept and how to get into it. I wish somehow I'd get a sign about what to do and how.
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Honestly? I think you had your sign when you felt the connection like he was sent by your Fuzz.

Regardless, I wouldn't let them remove him from your home on the grounds that he is helping you socialize Snowflake. She's obviously made HUGE progress since he arrived! There are certain cats out there who make wonderful ambassadors for fosters, and especially for scared and feral kitties. He sounds like one of those cats.

Don't let them bully you about this cat. It is up to YOU, not them, if you adopt a cat that lands on your doorstep. And if they are worried about losing a foster home, let them know that if they force you to give up this cat, if it isn't your decision, they may lose you all together. I understand their policy, and it's wonderful that they stepped up to help with the vet bill, but that doesn't automatically give them control of the cat IMO.
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Thank you, you've made some really good points. He's laying here sleeping wrapped around my arm while I'm trying to type and use the mouse.

I'm fairly new at fostering, and I hadn't realized there were cats that do act as ambassadors. But that's good to know and I think he could be one.

I can always pay back the vet bill, even if I have to do it in 3 installments. I think what I'm agonizing over the most is the financial responsibility down the road, the ability of taking care of him to the best of my ability, not just now but in the future, and the limitations that having 3 cats causes, like difficulty finding a place to live. And can give enough attention to all 3?

I would not forgive myself if I made the commitment and couldn't do right by them.

But the bond is just getting stronger every moment, and I keep telling myself the Cat Gods will provide.

And you're right about not letting them bully me. I am a damned good foster parent, I spoil them rotten, care for them like they are my own, and even the President of the org has commented on the results I've gotten and the condition the cats and kittens are in and how friendly and adoptable they are when they are returned. Their vet said the kittens they got from me were some of the healthiest and friendliest that he'd ever come across. I take the responsibility very seriously.

If they don't want me to continue, I'm sure another agency would be happy to let me help.

WHOA! As I was writing this, I heard Snowball meow really loud as if she were right here. I turned my head, and sure enough, she was at the bedroom door looking at me. First time she came out of her hiding places and out of the kitchen! When I looked at her and averted my eyes she went back, but didn't run. What a great sign!

They gave her to me because nobody else could work with her or do anything with her, and she would never respond. It was a last-ditch effort. I've had her less than a week.

Thank you for reminding me, at last about them bullying me.

Now the problem is do I take on a responsibility like this just because it makes me happy, is it best for him and my other 2 guys?
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I too think you have to take a stand - this cat came to YOU and I truly believe cats know where to go. It is like there is this network out there amg felines about where to go - like the underground railroad for stay and feral kitties. Call me crazy but THEY know!! (I have a beaten path to my door and I base it partly on that - no science here , just women's intuition!)

So this is your cat - unless an owner is found - and all they did was help you with the vet bill which you can over time pay them back.

That's what I would ask of them. Surely you have given so much of yourself!!! They can cut you a break - we would never do it here at our center!
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Thank you Dulce,

I understand what you're talking about. I call it "The Cat Gods."

This kitten, I discovered, had been waiting and takling with the feral through the door for 2 day, and had to pass through a bunch of nasty, free-roaming dogs to do so. In the 3 years I've been here, there has never been a cat out on the back area, so I agree, this was meant to be.

Can't argue with that.

I am offering her half now, half next week when I get paid. It was $162, which is a lot for me, but I will manage somehow, and the Cat Gods will most likely help if they have to Because I also have to come up with the money to get Rocky neutered and his 2nd shots, and 1st shots for this guy.

So it's going to be tough because I'm on a fixed income. But I can't think of a better thing to spend it on. Cause my landlord is ugly and he won't roll over or do a kitty dance for cat treats.
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