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I don't like Thursdays!

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Yeah, I know... that's kind of weird. But these days I just hate Thursdays. It's the longest I have to wait until next classes.

Ok, I guess I'm not making any sense. My classes are interesting but normally getting away from them for a few days isn't a torture. What IS a torture is not seeing one of my classmate for a few days

I've been talking to that guy in one of my class and I really like him. We always have those 15 minute conversations before class starts and he seems really interesting (and also really interested in what I say). So far we pretty much only talk about school though. By itself it doesn't bother me (I love talking about school) but I'd really like to know him more. I'd also like to let him know that I'm interested in talking to him outside of class too.
It's hard. I'm really shy and I'm afraid of rejection. He seems kind of shy too, but not as much as me (he was the one who first approached me).

This is pure torture. Why did he have to talk to me in the first place?? If he had never approached me or if he was not that interesting, I'd be fine and I would be able to focus on my school work right now.
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That's great that you've found a new friend to talk to...and it's a bonus if he's not bad on the eyes! Only a few more days to go and you'll be able to chat with him again.
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