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Prescription diet X/d?

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Hi! I'm new today and have been reading the thread on urine crystals. I have 2 cats (out of 4), all fixed females, who have been diagnosed with crystals after bladder infections, but I don't know what kind (Oh, the cats' ages are 12 and 9 yrs.). My vet I have now who diagnosed the 2nd cat (9 yrs) put her on Hill's x/d. Since I have 4 free feeding cats, and the x/d only comes in a small bag, I have been feeding them 1 bag of x/d, then 1- 20 lb bag of SD adult, etc. They seem to be doing alright, we have only had one more infection over the last 3? years, but since we got our Boxer, I have been learning about this whole new world of pet food (and forums) , and was considering changing their food. I'm afraid I am more confused than ever though, and can't even remember which stones they had (or if they had the same kind! ). I wrote down some info from the previous post, but I guess I will start with-where do you find these foods? Especially the alternate prescription foods? Is there a list somewhere? And does anyone know what the x/d is for? Thanks in advance for your help!
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The prescription foods usually are available either from the vet's or sometimes can be ordered online. I know Eukanuba's prescription foods can be ordered on line. I get confused with the different letters too, the best place for you to get information about your cats previous condition would be from the vet with their records. The food issue for this condition is not as important for female cats as it is for males. Because of their anatomy, they are wider, it is very uncommon if not impossible for them to get the blockages that a male cat can get.
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http://www.hillspet.com/zSkin_2/products/product_details.jsp?JSESSIONID=EjmPHL1RJHJduF4uXqTRoLZ1qRt92yjfZST2wEk9AQx7WR6yP AuF!2123895937!167846932!7005!8005&PRODUCT%3C%3Eprd_id=845524441760654&FOLDER%3C %3Efolder_id=2534374302037389&bmUID=1143170742153

that site has basic info... I would suggest talking with your vet as you cats are also senior s and there are other "higher" quality foods that may work... When on an Rx you should only do the Rx unless discussed with your vet
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I will check with my vet tomorrow (I had planned to anyways, I just wanted to go armed with as much info as I could get; that's one of the reasons why I went looking for a cat forum today . Since they are getting older, I thought a better quality prescription food might help them as they age, since I apparently have choices I didn't know about. My vet knows what I'm feeding them and the schedule they are on. As long as it's working, she's fine with it. I also have a cat (the 9 year old)who thinks the dog's CS is great, and of course, when she sneaks it, it gives her the runs ! I thought I might try to find something that also tastes better than SD. I will check out the website, thanks!
I had a dog that was on the Canine c/d for his entire life, so I know how distressing it is for a pet to get a blockage-sometimes if he was having a problem weeing (while we were waiting for stones to get better), I would turn him over on his back and pat his tummy near his bladder for a while and it would help. Too bad cats aren't so inclined !
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I wouldn't feed a healthy cat x/d as you may find that you could cause a problem in a healthy cat with this food. For a multi cat household I would reccomend Royal Canin Urinary S/O. It is for both Oxalate and Struvite crystals and can be fed to healthy cats too.
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x/d is for calcium oxylate crystals. My friend whose cat had oxylate crystals is feeding her the lower protein Pet Guard canned varieties and her cat is doing very well. I'd recommend looking into those foods. They are also fine for other adult cats.
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OOO!That's exactly what I am I looking for (something everybody can eat!)! Do you know where to get the Royal Canin S/O and the Pet Guard? Are these things my vet would have to order?
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Originally Posted by catsallover
OOO!That's exactly what I am I looking for (something everybody can eat!)! Do you know where to get the Royal Canin S/O and the Pet Guard? Are these things my vet would have to order?
Your vet should be able to order the Royal Canin as it is a RX... I can find only limited Pet guard food in my area at one health food store
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Thanks! I'll get on it!
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