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Cats and alergies?

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My 3 1/2 week old kittens seemed to have developed a cold or something. They sound like they are sneezing or something and I'm not sure why. I just recently moved them from under my bed to this storage closet, which happens to be beside the laundry room door where we keep our dog. Now they have started "sneezing". Is it possible that these kittens have an allergy to my dog or something else in the house?
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It is also likely that they are smelling the dog's scent, it is unfamiliar to them and they are doing what I call "hiss-snorting" at the new scent.

That now being said, if you are certain these are sneezes, then the best thing to do is contact your vet and get his advice. Is there any discharge with the sneeze or is the sneeze a dry one? If there is a discharge, what color is the mucous?
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i'm not certain these are sneezes, but one seems to be worse than the other kitten. Kitten B sneezed on me just a few minutes ago and it wasn't wet or anything, but their eyes look watery.
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OK, if the eyes are watering a little, it could be a little bit of allergies. Unless you begin to see discharge (usually thick, yellow or greenish, pus-like) from the eyes or nose, you are probably OK for now. So long as the stuff coming from the eyes is clear, thin and waterlike, it may just be the new location is irritating them a little.
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so do you think i should relocate them to a different place? They did not do this until they were moved here. Even yen(mommy) is doing this.
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Yeah, I would move them away from it if you think that is what is causing the problem. Can you put them back where they were ... or is under the bed not convenient for you?
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If they go back under the bed, it is pretty much impossible to check on them...(kind sized bed in very small room) so I made a corner in the living room for them and mom doesnt seem to mind!
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Oh this is excellent to hear! Good job!
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I have moved them and its been a few hours since i moved them but the kittens are still sneezing a little bit. I' m not sure what to think.
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Give it a little more time ... if they are still sneezing tomorrow or if they start producing a lot of mucous, it would probably be good to at least call the vet to see what he thinks.
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How are the babies today? Are they improving or are they still sneezy?
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They are still sneezy, but their eyes are only watery, no gunk. I've moved them into a bigger box and put more blankets and towels in it and then I put a spce heater in the living room to keep them warm...hopefully this will help. I hope my dog didn't give them this or from them living in too small a space. I would feel really terrible.
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