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One More Test!!!!

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One more test stands between me and passing my college Math class! Yipppeeee! I am standing at an A right now, and the last test is simply doing the measuring that starts you into geometry. I am so glad to have this behind me. I never thought I would be able to get past the mental block I had with it.
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I'm so glad you did well!

I knew you were smart enough, just had to stop talking yourself out of trying, eh? And such a surge of confidence when you accomplish the "impossible"!

You go, girl! Ace geometry too!

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I remember feeling the same way with math. It wasn't that I couldn't do it, I just HATED it!

Congratulations on making it through! We all know you are smart enough to get through anything you set your mind to. We also know you are stubborn enough to keep trying until you succeed. Anyone who can work with ferals like you do has to have determination a mile wide!

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Congrats Hissy! Doesn't it feel like a big weight lifted off your shoulders when you finish a math class? I am taking my 3rd math class in a row. (one every quarter) and it just seems like it never ends.
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Woooooohooooooooo! You are a better person then I am - I can't stand math! Good luck with the test - I am sure you will ace it!
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Good going! I'm sure you will ace the test!! Let us know.
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I've never been good at math so one question Hissy, Do you mind doing my math exam for me??
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