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Thank you everyone...your words are very comforting, it means a lot to me. Patrick would, of course, expect all this attention. He truly had a presence about him. My ever so sweet
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Patrick has made many people love him, even without ever having met him in person. Your love to him flowed with every word you have written and continue to write about him. He will never be far from you, Pat. His spirit has bonded with yours, forever.
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Pat, I am so, so sad for you, and know how very difficult it is, to have to make that final decision. I had to do this last year, was mourning this fact and posted here. I remember your saying that I did the kindest thing, when my dearest little Spike was suffering, to have enough love, to help him on, to where he'd be in no pain anymore. Your words gave me strength and comfort, along with the kindness of others here too, in a time, when I thought there was no comfort to be found....
I wish you comfort now, in knowing your Dear Patrick is in such a good place now, after living with all the love you gave him, during his life here on earth. He will be waiting for you at the Rainbow Bridge, someday, and you will be together again. I wish you strength in this most painful time.
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oh Pat!!! I am so so so so so very sorry. NO words can express my sorrow over this my friend and dear Washington neighbor. I know how much Patrick meant to you and the extremely close bond you had. But what happenes when that bond on earth as we know it is broken, is that it takes on a different property, and you WILL see him, you WILL feel him again and you will know when that happens.....he'll be right over your shoulder, I promise, I really do. My dear, after Freddie's leukemia I would see him everywhere and I felt him every now and then. Sasha would look down the hall peering at something I couldn't see.....remember when I told you the neighbors called to say Sasha was having quite a conversation in the backyard with absolutely nothing? It was Freddie. I have no doubt you will know when Patrick is about. It is hard to grieve it all out, because he was so much a part of you....and only time can heal this. You are a very strong, loving, spiritual woman and have been a wonderful friend to me and my kits in all my times of loss. Now we are here for you.
Namaste - Peace
Love and hugs and comfort, always
Elizabeth, Eric, Sasha, saba, Sandy, Freddie RIP, SiSi RIP never forgotten.
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Aw, Pat, I'm so sorry. I wrote a message some hours ago, but the computer ate it. The way you took Patrick to all the other kitties, and let him smell the fresh air was just what we did for Smudge. I hope you felt the incredible peace that finally was brought to him. It's hard to describe, but it's worth having to make the decision. I know he's at the Bridge with all our beloved pets. Smudgie will play with him and give him lots of purrs and headbutts. I'm sorry, but he's no longer suffering. Hugs, Kim.
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I'm so sorry to hear about Patrick, Pat. My thoughts are with you.
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Theres a little boy over the bridge right now, free from anymore pain and suffering, playing with the butterflies and playing chase with all his new friends that he's made.

His name is Patrick . Have fun over over at Rainbow Bridge Patrick until you see the ones who loved you again
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I'm terribly sorry for your loss He is out of any pain now. What a loving life he has had thanks to you. RIP Patrick, sweet angel kitty
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I'm Sorry for your loss of Patrick. He was special but now happy at the rainbow bridge.
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Originally Posted by babyharley
Pat - I can only imagine how difficult this was for you, but at least now you know that now Patrick is no longer in any pain

You will remain in my thoughts and daily prayers - many hugs to you
he's happily playing over the bridge with Mouse, Butch, Smudge, and all the other TCS kits to you during this time...
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Seeing that your sweet Patrick passed made my heart break for you. I know how much you loved you boy. I wish I could say something to make your pain go away .
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Pat, there are just no words to suffice. May God give you strength during this agonizing time and peace in your heart that passes all understanding.

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I am sorry sorry that you are going through this tough time right now! Patrick has crossed the rainbow bridge to play and romp carelessly and painfree. Thank you for caring for him so much!
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Pat, I'm so very sorry you lost your sweet Patrick.
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Pat, I am so very sorry for your loss. Patrick had a wonderful life, thanks to you. He was well cared for and very, very loved. I know you will miss him deeply until you meet again.

Patrick, sweet kitty, RIP free of pain. You were loved even by those who never met you in person.
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My heartfelt sympathies to you and your family on the loss of your good friend.
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I am really sorry to hear about your loss of Patrick

May he play happily over rainbow bridge, he is not in pain anymore but carefree. I can just picture him now playing with all the other cats, they are having such fun.
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I am so sorry for your loss of patrick. You are a very devoted and loving kitty mom to have kept him going for 4 years with CRF. You are a inspiration to me, as I am dealing with my 17 year old cat who is failing from CRF. It gives me hope that I may be able to add on more time to morts life with us.

Patrick is now free from pain, he is still with you in spirit. Your bond will never die.

Sending you Cyber hugs...
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My heart goes out to you, in your pain. It is so hard to say good bye to a special loved one. The pain subsides in time, but it never completely goes away. I know Patrick is happy and healthy at the Rainbow Bridge, and I hope he meets my Snoopy up there, and they become great friends.
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I am so so sorry to hear that, it must have been such a hard thing to do. I cant' think of anything that hasnt' already been said, so big hugs to you, and RIP Patrick.
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Hugs to you. I am so sorry for the loss of your sweet Patrick. May your memories be precious and close to your heart always. Rest in peace Patrick.
You are loved and missed.
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Thank you everyone. I am sorry it took me until today to respond again but I just couldn't access the site no matter what I tried for the past day or two.

Thanks again, the words of support mean quite a great deal to me.
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Originally Posted by abbycats

I am so sorry for your loss of patrick. You are a very devoted and loving kitty mom to have kept him going for 4 years with CRF. You are a inspiration to me, as I am dealing with my 17 year old cat who is failing from CRF. It gives me hope that I may be able to add on more time to morts life with us.

Patrick is now free from pain, he is still with you in spirit. Your bond will never die.

Sending you Cyber hugs...
I am sending positive vibes to your Mort...please feel free to pm me any time, maybe I'll have a tip or two, or can refer you to someone who will.
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Oh Pat I am so terribly sorry for your loss, this is not the kind of post I even like to read and very often don't because it breaks my Heart. I'm so sad, Your in my thoughts and prayers
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Condolences on the loss of Patrick! His was such an inspiring story - he overcame so many adversities. He deserves an extra-special place in Heaven His passing leaves this world a duller place, but Heaven is much richer tonight. Enjoy your Reward, Patrick - Lord knows that you sure deserve it.
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Pat, hon, I'm just now catching this...and you'll never know how sorry I am to see it. Even when we know that the time will come, it still does't help the pain. You know where to find me if you want to talk hon.{{{{{{hugs}}}}}} my dear
Sweet Patrick
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Thank you to everyone who has posted here. It means so much, it does comfort.

We went to pick up his ashes today, and I really wanted us to let them know how much the past 10 years of this vet clinic caring for him had meant to us.

I printed up a thank you note, with one of his kitten photos and an adult photo of him printed on it, and let them know just how much their kind caring for him had meant over the years, listing by name his two regular vets (one now passed on) and the vet who was there at the end to help me release him.

Because he so loved his treats, I wanted to take treats to them on his behalf...so we went to Costco, and got a large flat sheet carrot cake, with an apricot mousse filling, traditional cream cheese frosting and delightfully decorated with flowers. I told them he wanted to say thanks for their affection towards him.

Tissues came out

I really "feel" my loss today, I just want him back in my arms, I want to be holding him and smooching him between the ears. VERY BIG SIGH.

Next week, when his regular vet is in, I am taking in a huge gift basket that I will make up with dog and kitty treats (she has both), as a personal thank you from him/us to her. It helps letting them know how much we appreciate what they did for him.
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Pat...I have been trying to find the words that would express how sorry I am for your loss.
There are no words, except to say that you were blessed to share 19 loving years with your special boy.
I pray that someday you and your beloved Patrick will be together again.
Until that time...
RIP sweet Patrick.
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Oh Pat, I'm so sorry to hear about this. Please accept my condolances. You were so good to Patrick, I know he loved you!
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