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Help! Salvaje is sick

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My menace is sick. I have a funny feeling he ate some metalic ribbon thst I know was here Saturday but is now nowhere to be found. Hes not eating (not even his favorite "I'll eat thru the packe if you don't open it NOW" treats), is taking in minimal liiquids and has vomited at least 4 times in the past two days. I can't get him into a vet for until day after tomorrow. - in the meantime he's lathargic, (OK - he did take a good solid run and swipe at a pigeon outside the window - but that's more energy thann he's expended in the past two days) making the most heart wrenchingly pathetic cries before vomitting andits making me feel completely helpless.

Someone suggested thehairball paste might help. True or false? Any other suggestions to help ease my baby's suffering?
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Fenix your baby needs to go to the vet NOW! This could be a case of toxic poisoning and the longer the poison stays in his system the sicker he will become. Or it could be the ribbon is wrapped around his insides somewhere, either his espohagus or stomach. He really needs to be seen, is there anyway you can take him in and give them a post-dated check? Heck, I have even taken my cat in and written what I knew was a hot check and then pleaded my case to the bank and had them take the charge off it and pay the check too. Seriously, you need to do something because this does not sound good.
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I've had the problem of insufficient funds when my rabbit, Sora broke her leg (Yes, you can fix rabbits with broken legs. She's now fine, with no sign of the injury ever happening). The vet simply kept her along with a down payment, until I could cough up the rest. Usually vets have a good sense when someone is attached to an animal, and won't leave them to an uncertain fate just to save a few bucks.

If that's NOT the problem, and it's simply a case of that's when the office told you you could make an appointment... screw 'em! Look in the yellow pages, there should be an emergency animal hospital listed, or a Human Society... if all else fails, just walk into the vet's office unnanounced and present your cat, and tell them you're afraid your cat might not last without treatment, and you suspect poison. If the vet turns you away at THAT point... find another vet.

But your cat definitely needs to go see the vet IMMEDIATELY, not in a couple of days.
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Thanks -money is definately the issue right now - there is a place here that gives "financial aid" for pet emergencies that the humane society reccomended but I can't contact them until tomorrow afternoon (thier days and hours are limited). If they can't offer me anything I'm just going to have to pull the temporarily bad check thing.

I'm a freelance designer but just picked up a new job tonight that'll allow me to make good on the situation quickly.

Will keep you posted.
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You could always ask them if you can post-date the check ---
How is she doing?
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Also when you do take her in, if you can get a sample of the ribbon you believe she ate, that will help them determine if it is the cause.
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Yes, please don't wait. I would do whatever you have to. Just from experience, even the little things can cause a huge problem. Not eating for even 2 to 3 days can cause serious problems.
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Get him to the vet ASAP!!!! If he doesn't eat for a couple of days, his LIVER will shut down and he'll die.
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