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New Kittens!!

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We have four new Kittens!! Acutally there were five but one was dead. I had no idea that today would be the day. She, Cubbie, ate a lot last night and this morning so she didn't quit eating right before like they usually do. Anyway I had to run out for a few hours and checked her time I got in and to my surprise there they were. I wonder why the one didn't make it. It looked so perfect. She had the kittens somewhere between 9am and 12:30pm and the last one she hadn't had for very long as it was still very damp. My concern is that she is still so big and her stomach still feels very tight. Could she still have more? It's been at least 3hrs. since the last one. Should I be worried yet? Any advice is appreciated.
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Oh, congrats on the babies, and condolences on the one that didn't make it. They do still look a little round after having kittens, and more so if they happen to have worms, too.
While you are waiting for more responses, read the sticky threads at the top of the forum...you will learn SO MUCH!
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I would put your hand on her belly for a couple minutes if she will let you and feel for any extra movement. My cat when I was little gave birth to 4 and then the next day had one more.
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