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Lizze & Lacy

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Thought everyone might like to see the FeLV+ kittens that Katiemae1277 is adopting from us. Lizzie's the black/white one and Lacy's the tabby. They are two sweet, snuggly little girls!

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Oh gorgeous...so sweet! I am so glad they are getting adopted!!
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Awwww what pretty faces they have

I love to hear happy endings
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Oh gosh, they are just precious!! What little sweeties. Wishing Lizzie and Lacy nothing but a very long and happy life together with you!
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They're are just adorable aren't they!??! heart3: can't wait to snuggle up with them, Eileen says they're both cuddle bugs that's my kind of kitty!
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Just gorgeous Katie! Good for you! I'm sure they'll love thier new home!
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I love them both, but the little black and white one is too cute! It looks like she stuck her face up in a chimney!!
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Awww...what beautiful babies...and cuddlers, too! Katiemae, you're a very lucky meowmy!
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Katie, you go this weekend to pick up your new girls????
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yup! and they're even more beautiful in person!
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