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Need help regarding new male cat & old female cat

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I have a female persian punch face cat about one and half year old and living wid me for the last one and half year.she is on heat.

i bought a male persian cat for her whose age is about eight to nine months.

Despite the fact my cat is in mating season she is not accepting the male cat and male and female both are avoiding each other and they sound strange voices when see each other and become angry.

But after One day the male is happy wid the cat and try to goes near her but my Female is not ready to accept him and feeling Jealous a lot and sounds strange weired voices to scare the male.Now its three days.

My Questions are:

1)Now what should I do? How they become friends? and mate wid each other?

2)Now I m worried that what if fefee (My female) donot accept him forever?

3)Is my male is mature. I mean he is only eight months old?

Please remember its only three days that I introduce the male to her.

Please reply.
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Have you considered that she may never be interested, and only see him as threatening her space and your attention? How old is she? It may not be such a great idea for her to become pregnant if she's really old (10+) and she may just not want sex. Have you considered what you'll do with the babies if they do happen? He may be mature enough, but 3 days is very short for two strangers to get acquainted, let alone hook up! They'll need more time for sure just to become 'neutral' to each other, and then they might or might not be interested in each other that way. Kittens are cute, but they become big cats fast, cost money, make messes, and I wonder if you would ever consider getting both cats neutered now, rather than having to deal with pregnancy/delivery problems, noisy heat cycles, possible unknown physical problems being transmitted to kittens, and finding good homes for them afterward?
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The male is probably too young to be that interested in her - persians sometimes mature later.

Also if you JUST got the male recently, then they have not had any time to adjust to each other - no wonder she doesn't like him.

I suggest you separate them for now, wait till she is out of heat and then do introductions slowly. When a female is sent out for breeding to a strange male, it takes days or weeks to adjust and accept the male.

While two "virgins" can figure things out, its best to have one of them experienced in mating.
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Thanx a lot Larke and Goldenkitty.You both rocks!!


My cat is One and half year old and have a good weight and she is perfect for mating.In the begining when i bought the male she was annoyed with me.She is now turning back to normal with me and play wid me but her behaviour wid the male is still same.

Now I noticed that the male which is 8 months old tried three times to sit on her back but she immediately throws him over and scare him with horrible voice.

Now do u think that male is mature? I m asking this due to his act that first he sniffs her back and then immediately tries to sit on her from back?

Please reply.
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Sounds like he's working on figuring things out but doesn't have the hang of it. That's why I said about 2 virgin cats together - usually takes longer for them to figure things out.

And sometimes cats just don't like certain cats or colors and refuse to mate with them. Friend of mine had a male persian (was terrorized by a tortie female when a kitten). The male would mate with ANY color female except those that looked "tortie" to him. Somehow he even knew it was a tortie when he was blindfolded!
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Goldenkitty so u mean there are possibilities that my cats donot mate?
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Yes (tho' I'm not GK). I wish you'd read my posting again and consider some of those things.
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Larke I m worried after reading your post again

What r the chances 50:50?
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