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Originally Posted by katiemae1277
hmmmm let's see what's weird about me

*I have a very hard time telling my right from my left- I even do the "L" thing with my thumbs and pointer fingers and I still say the wrong one!

I thought I was the only person over 5 who had this problem
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Originally Posted by chichismom
I thought I was the only person over 5 who had this problem
my daughter is 20 - she is a lefty and still doesn't know one from the other.
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Originally Posted by chichismom
I thought I was the only person over 5 who had this problem
Me, too...nice to know there are at least three of us!
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Great thread! It’s so much fun finding out all this stuff about everyone. As far as weird stuff about me:
  • I was a ballerina until I broke my foot and had to quit dancing. Then I worked as an actress until the money ran out and I had to get a “real job”.
  • I met my husband at my first “real job” for an auto parts company. I was his secretary.
  • I used to have a free-running house rabbit. She was Tailer’s surrogate mom until she went to the bridge several years ago.
  • I have a weird shaped freckle on my chest that’s getting removed tomorrow.
  • I’m 37 years old and still love stuffed animals, old Bugs Bunny cartoons, Disney movies, and playing Barbies with my niece.
  • I work with pathologists and now know more than I ever wanted to about performing laboratory tests, biopsies, and autopsies.
  • I’ve lost 60 lbs in the last several months, and am working hard on losing more.
  • I cry easily, and really hate the fact that I tend to cry when I get mad.
  • My hair was straight as a kid, but it’s naturally curly now. It keeps getting curlier the older I get. (My dad and sister’s hair is the same way.)
  • Even though I registered for a bunch of kitchen stuff, all my friends gave me barware at my bridal shower. I’m not sure if they thought I drink a lot now, or if I’d be drinking a lot after I got married.
  • The fact of the matter is, I don’t really drink much at all. Having more than a drink or two tends to either make me fall asleep or throw up.

That's all I can think of for now.
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Originally Posted by Tari
[*]I’ve lost 60 lbs in the last several months, and am working hard on losing more.
Way to go!
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This is fun. Let's see if I can think of some strange things about me...

- I am obsessed with cartoons (Simpsons, Family Guy, Futurama...) and I can insert quotes from them in almost any conversation

- I hate shopping.

- My first language is French but I almost only use it when talking to my parents.

- I spent 5 years in high school learning to play the clarinet. And I was pretty bad at it! Now I can play the piano a little bit.

- I rarely ever buy cookies or other sweets because I cannot control myself.

- I like to eat handfuls of chocolate chips.

- One of my favorite thing in life is waking up before I have to get up and lying in bed, daydreaming.

- When I was a kid, I was so shy I refused to talk to other kids, except for a few friends. Still, no one thought of sending me to get help until I was in high school.

- I hate loud people. Especially when they don't really have anything to say (yet insist on saying it really loud)

- I like geeks.

- I like to keep my nails as short as possible (but they just keep growing like crazy!)
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Originally Posted by squirtle
[*]Every morning I put a towel in the dryer so my fiance has a warm towel to dry off with after the shower, everyone else thinks I am crazy for doing this![/list]
That is so sweet Tanya!
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Here are some of my weird things:

I hate for anyone to touch my feet

I can't stand touching a wooden spoon; if I have to, I wet the end I have to hold

I don't like the feel of coloring book pages

I love the paranormal!!

I eat corn on the cob straight across in rows of three at a time--usually when I'm done, the corn cob looks square

I love dill pickles and peanut butter as a snack

When I spread anything on toast (like PB or jelly), it has to cover every inch up to the corners

I chew the inside of my cheek

I love dry humor

I love symmetry--I cannot have an odd number of anything

All the thumbtacks on my bulletin board at work that aren't being used are lined-up vertically at the bottom in rows of 2; they're all clear--can't use different colors

I don't like trying to carry on conversations with people I don't know--I cannot make small talk no matter how hard I try

I am terrified of birds

I cringe when people rub their hands together, like to warm them up

My favorite smell is car Bondo

I like the taste of rubbing alcohol (no, I don't drink it; I sanitize thermometers with it and like how it tastes when I put it in my mouth)

I guess that's enough--I don't want you to think I'm waaaaaaay LOCO!!
(Too late, right?!)
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I understand what you're saying about the wooden spoon, I'm always afraid I'll get a splinter from them!
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Lets see...

-I'm 21, soon to be 22 May 12th
-I've worked with cars since I was 13 years old
-I knew more about auto body repair than the last estimater we had @ work
-I never cry at sad movies
-I get sad and cry when I see anyone eating alone at a restaraunt
-I'm super afraid of death and losing my family before I am married and have children
-I have my childrens names picked out already
-If I could, I would eat chips everyday, I'm addicted to them!
-I love chocolate, I could eat that everyday too (its a wonder I'm not 500lbs!)
-I hold my pen super wierd when I write
-I love horror movies
-I bite my lower lip all the time
-I have daily conversations with Harley and John always laughs @ me
-I bite my nails
-I don't have many girl friends - I get along better with men
-I don't drink very often, if I do, I get very drunk
-I will not go out on the town if I know my ex is in town - I am deathly afraid of seeing him again
-My mom is my best friend
-I want to have children by time I am 25
-I can't stand when people chew loud
-I love to stay in shape, but I'm really bad about getting to the YMCA

I have a lot more, but thats enuf for now
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*I have four webbed toes....
*I cry when I see pretty landscapes
*I have curly hair
*I count the steps I take between cracks in the sidewalks
*I hate when people smack their lips
*I love nature, exept bugs
*Pigs scare me
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Well, it's good to see some other not so normal people here. Though I don't think there really are "normal" people.
Originally Posted by babyharley
-I hold my pen super wierd when I write
ME TOO! I rest mine on my ring finger (right handed). I'm sort of mad about it now because my hand starts to hurt real bad if I write for to long. Wonder why no teacher ever noticed. How do you hold yours?
Originally Posted by adymarie
I am an avid reader, but I prefer to buy books then get them out of the library.
Me too. Though I don't know why.
Originally Posted by squirtle=
* I can not sleep without being underneath a comforter or blanket, a sheet alone isn't enough
Me too! I thought I was the only one..lol
Originally Posted by Rockcat
I don't have a clue what the Jerry/popcorn smiley means
I didn't either until someone said something (Rosiemac ). It's like saying, "Jerry..Jerry..Jerry!!" on the jerry springer show..lol

Okay, thought of a few more........

*I am crazy when it comes to expiration dates!! I will not eat anything past them and do not understand how other people do! (i mean they are there for a reason right?)
*I cannot for some reason write well with pens and markers. Only pencils.
*I cannot stand pinnapple!!! Even the candy is gross! Yuk!

Glad you all like the thread!
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I just had the best time reading these! K, here it goes! And like someone else said, some of these came to mind because of what other people said.

- I am still quiet shy and self consious (when I'm around my friends I'm usually okay, but sometimes a thought sneaks in the back of my mind that they don't like me as much as I like them )

- I really really really would love to play the electric guitar! (Hardly anyone knows this, just my BF)

- I love scary movies, and LOVE being scared, but can't be scared by myself (I get REALLY freaked out) and get scared very easily - I know that was confusing, sorry!

- A lot of times, I still run and jump onto my bed from several feet away because I'm scared someone will grab my feet from under the bed

- If a toilet is next to a shower with a curtain I can't see through, I have to open the curtain ALL THE WAY before I sit down

- (Does it sound like I've watched too many scary movies?)

- I am sorta addicted to Mountain Dew. I can't allow myself more than one a day, because within a few days I would be drinking 5-6 a day!

- I have a tattoo on my ankle, my belly button pierced, 2 regular earrings in each ear, and the cartilage peirced on one ear

- I love dragonflys!

- I love reading but never have time right now

- I think one of the cutest things in the world is seeing two old people holding hands or kissing

- I leave the TV on for Marlee when I'm gone (even though she usually just sits in the window while I'm gone, not even in the same room)

- I've always wanted a pet monkey.

Think thats enough for now, I'm sure I'll post again later!
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This is fun- Not to mention weird.
I'm the third person who writes weird. No one noticed till I was in 5th grade, yup I rest the pen on my ring finger.
I'm also the third person afraid of birds. About 5 years ago a swan nibbled my hand and ever since then I don't like anything bigger than a chicken near me.
My husband and I were introduced by a couple that he introduced.
My husband grew up in the same town that my mother grew up in- which is 100 miles away from where I grew up.
My parents never had a cat when I was growing up- I was only allowed hamsters and then they got a dog when I was about 14.
I love to read and I identify with the smilie in my sig. I can't see at all without glasses.
I'm also weird about calling people, esp if I haven't talked to them in awhile.
I love using my dishwasher, and I am obsessive about how my laundry is done although everything else is a mess.
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Ok this one I just discovered..

My friend from Canada and I are so used to talking to ourselves that even when we're on the phone with eachother..we still find ourselves having a conversation with OURSELF other than actually talking to eachother...

I just caught myself doing that today......Oh and we still do that whole "Hey I'm talking to a celebrity!" thing..and we'll even talk FOR the celebrity..

Me and Nikki Sixx have quite a lot in common mhmm I talk to him every morning.
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Originally Posted by zak&rocky
I'm the third person who writes weird. No one noticed till I was in 5th grade,
No one noticed mine until I noticed!
Does you hand start to hurt when writing?
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I didn't think I had much, but after reading everyone else's, I was reminded.

~ I have known my husband for 20 years. I'm 34.
~ I am child number six of eight; I have four brothers and three sisters.
~ I have had Sjogren's syndrome since my early twenties even though the vast majority of the time women who get it are middle-aged.
~ I love to dance and am the only one in my family with any rhythm.
~ I cannot, however, sing.
~ I love to cook and especially bake, and I am fierce with the baking.
~ I never, never ever ever, ever ever watch TV. Unless I'm at someone else's house and it's on. I just don't think about it, even though there are shows I know I'd like.
~ I play World of Warcraft, though I'm a very casual player.
~ I like almost every food I've ever tried, but I cannot make myself like okra. Except for my MIL's pickled okra; that's pretty good. I will try just about anything.
~ I was painfully shy—depressed, actually—in middle and high school, and then in my junior year I just sort of "snapped out of it." No one who knows me now would believe that unless they knew me then too.
~ I had straight hair as a kid, but it started curling at puberty and keeps getting curlier.
~ If I think about it, I cannot stand having anything sharp anywhere near my eyes. It just skeeves me out.
~ I'm an excellent speller, and I have a very good command of English/grammar/writing.
~ I know I am smart, but sometimes I feel dumb, like I should be able to understand things or remember things that I can't. And then when that happens, I feel kind of bad because I know I'm smart and I should be able to do it.
~ I'm 5'4" with a 32" inseam. If I don't want to look like Urkel (remember him?), most of the time my pants end up too short.

Wow. There's more, but I'm going to stop for now.
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Originally Posted by Firefly*21
*I don't drink water from the kitchen sink.....ONLY the bathroom! The kitchen water tastes different.
*I don't like going new places with people my own age that I don't know, I get really nervous, I dunno why. If I go to a place people older than me I am fine, I can have a conversation etc.
**I hate my split ends and when I'm board I pull them apart...lol
I totally agree with the above...thought I was the only one. haha
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Originally Posted by IloveSiamese
I totally agree with the above...thought I was the only one. haha
Wow!!! Me too!! You even agree with the split ends thing? I thought I was just crazy!
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Great thread! It's all so interesting!

*I'm the middle of 5 kids
*I was an army brat, and have lived in many US states, but never overseas
*I absolutely cannot stand someone using an emery board on their fingernails. My palms start sweating, and I'll either walk away (if possible), or ask them (beg them) to stop!
*If I visit a region or country with a different accent/dialect, I unconsciously pick it up, and come home speaking that way
*I have an excellent and long memory, but I'm terrible at math
*I'm sure they exist, but I've never met anyone who can consistently beat me at Scrabble
*Like a few other posters, I was born with straight hair, but it has become curlier and curlier as I grow older...I believe I will look like half a Q-tip by the time I'm 50
*My handwriting is sort of messy, but my printing is obsessively neat...one of my co-workers calls me "The Human Typewriter".
*I can type like the wind
*I learned how to write shorthand, much of which I've retained, though I never use it
*As a child, I was terrified of something/someone under the bed...to this day, I am uncomfortable if any part of my body is dangling off the bed
*I am not afraid to talk to anyone anytime or anywhere, anything from an offhand joke to a full conversation...I think it throws some people off.
*I have a deep sarcastic streak, and can cut people to ribbons verbally, but have long since learned to curb it. It's genetic, my whole family has it!
*I'm getting my hair cut today! It's been months, and my hair is waaay too long!
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*I can't stand the sound of someone clipping their nails. I can clip my own and it doesn't bother me, but when other people do it, EEEEEK!!!! Just thinking about it right now gave me the horror shivers!
*I sing and dance in the shower
*One time I was doing a flip off some monkey bars in grade school and I had a pencil in my pocket and it stabbed into my leg and left a blue mark. It's still there. People accuse me of starting a tattoo and not having the nerve to finish it.
*I'm a hopeless romantic, so much that real life will probably always disappoint me for all my standards.
*I hate when someone messes up my kitchen!
*I always open an orange juice and drink it while I'm shopping. I pay for it of course
*I am a control freak
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Originally Posted by Firefly*21
*I am crazy when it comes to expiration dates!! I will not eat anything past them and do not understand how other people do! (i mean they are there for a reason right?)
Ehhh they have to do it. They want you to buy more anyway. In my view if it dosen't stink its edible . My fiance differs on this....
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Ok, I think I can post and keep the list short (for now)...

* I am 8 years older than my husband.
* I have trichotillomania.
* Everytime my husband touches me I get goosebumps, we are still newlyweds, maybe that has something to do with it!
* I love to play video and computer games, but I have never met another girl/woman who does as much as me.
* My mom is my best friend.
* Every girlfriend I've had has turned on me, can't we all just get along ladies?
* I hate bananas and oatmeal. But I love oatmeal cookies...
* I am painfully shy to the point where people think I am stuck-up, but once you get to know me you can't shut me up
* I can speak German, I lived there for 3 years when I was a teenager.
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I make lame jokes
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I love cats (obvious one i suppose )
I hate cruelty of any sort
I love to watch films
I hate carrots
I love going to motorcycle rallies
I hate reality tv shows
I love my mum
I hate bad manners
I have green eyes
I own a Harley sportster
I too hate bra's
I love Jack Daniels
I like football and rugby
I like to play video games (de-stress)
I need to lose some weight
I am going to Cuba for my hols this year
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* I love to play video and computer games, but I have never met another girl/woman who does as much as me.

We have a PS2, Gamecube and Xbox and love to play games I am playing Spartan, Total Warrior at the moment, great fun

We dont use the pc for games as it used to get messed up a lot, and we dont know enough about pc's to put it right.
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I've thought of a couple more.....

*i love the flavor of bananas but cannot eat them because of their texture, same with Jello- I gag if I try to eat them
*I'm the only person I know who has gotten Lasik eye surgery to correct my vision- I try to convince everyone I know, but they're too scared. Best $2000 I ever spent
*I have crashed every single car I have owned, but have never gotten hurt Even when I rolled my Sportage (Kia's tracker-type thing) while not wearing my seatbelt, all's I broke was a nail. I believe that my Grandma is my guardian angel
*My Grandma was my best friend, she passed away when I was 12 and I still think about her every day
*I love jelly beans, I mean realllllly love them- I could eat a whole bag in one sitting if I let myself
*I used to sell Avon and know I have enough shower gel/lotion/body spray to last me until I die, even if I live to be 100 at least I'll never smell
*when I'm deep in thought, or daydreaming, I unconsciously scratch my head right above my temple
*i think that liver probably tastes good, but I won't eat it because its a LIVER!

that's all for now
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I am 5'8" & hate jeans shopping. Talls are too long & averages are too short.
I cry too easy. I sat & cried for an hour when I found out two of my surrender cats were going to farms. They didn't go, & might not have to, but I still cry over it. The thought of the pup I lost in 2004 makes me bawl.
I cannot tell directions without first thinking 'never eat soggy worms'.
I say things without thinking & get into trouble by doing that a lot.
I was born & raised a country girl & love the life. I came back home because I hated living in a bigger city.
Chicago scares me.
I talk too much particularly about my pets. I post too much here, too.
I get insanely attached to the HS cats. I cry every time one of them goes home.
I'm a picky eater. The only mexican I eat is Taco John's & I go to chinese restaurants for the fried rice.
I eat too much rice & pasta.
I don't care how fat I get.
Doctors look at me weird when I tell them I am happy with my weight(I'm 5'8" & weigh 145-150 lbs.).
I feel awkward(sp?) around short people. I feel like such a moose & I always feel bad thinking that I am making them feel shorter.
I refer to myself at the "grabber" for my family. I am the tallest one at home(other than dad & he's useless). I get things off high places.
I hate the smell of beer & think it must taste bad, too.
I have never drank before & won't until I turn 21. I will never get drunk.
I can easily eat alone at a restaurant.
I don't want people kids, I want 4 legged kids.
I talk to all of my pets-the Gerbils, the dogs, the cats & the foster cats. Yes, even the two deaf ones!
I'm too scared to get a tatto, it would hurt!
When I ripped my toenail almost off, I wanted to watch the docotr cutting it off. He had to use 2x as much localized anesthetic & I could still feel what he was doing. It looked groos but was really cool.
I am scared to take prescription drugs. I walked around in pain instead of taking the Vicatin prescribed to me after I ripped off my toenail.
Several doctors around here recognize me.
If I don't get 8 hours of sleep at night, I get sick(headaches, feel like I am going to puke, blurry vision).
I am afraid of water. When I got swimming, I hate to get water in my ears. I had bad ear infections as a child.
I can talk to complete strangers easily.
I buy dresses & never wear them.
When someone else touches something cold, I get cold & get goosebumps.

I am doing this right now instead of taking my test(for an online class)!

Now that you all know I am weird, I don't feel so bad because you all are, too!
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oh and thank you Jeanor, Tari and Chichismom for helping me to not feel like a total dolt about the right and left thing! I have tried everything to get it straight in my head and nothing works! when someone is in the car telling me directions, I say- don't say right and left, just point
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Originally Posted by Firefly*21
*I brush my teeth in cold water, never warm.
*I don't drink water from the kitchen sink.....ONLY the bathroom! The kitchen water tastes different.
*I don't like going new places with people my own age that I don't know, I get really nervous, I dunno why. If I go to a place people older than me I am fine, I can have a conversation etc.
*My feet are extreamly ticklish and NO can touch them! If someone does I start kicking and flailing my legs around (i do warn them)
*I can't STAND stray hairs in the bathtub, or when you're swimming and you stand up and swipe your hair back and you get those few hairs stuck around your fingers *ugh*
*I have flat feet (part of the reason I hate shopping)
*I hate my split ends and when I'm board I pull them apart...lol
*I'm am the pickiest eater!
*I'm a total night owl

Those things are true about me, too!!

Some more things about me.......

-I am a huge perfectionist; it drives everyone crazy!
-Because of the perfecionist thing, I always point it out when somebody makes a grammer/spelling mistake and I know it's annoying but I just can't help it.
-I'm obsessed with the numbers 7, 3 and 9
-My thumbs are double-jointed and I can bend the back to like 90 degrees it freaks everyone out lol
-I can do a split & I can bring my foot to my ear
-I already said this but gosh have to be the pickiest eater in all of history it's ridiculous
-I always have a small glass of milk before bed no matter what
-I hate all food condiments (except salt, pepper, and honey, if those count)

That's all I can think of right now...
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