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My cats

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Here are some (I have tons) of the pics of my cats

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Awwww their so sweet! And look at those little cherubs
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Oh, what cute kittens!

The kitty in the last pic looks a little peeved to be dressed up! LOL!
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Awwwwwwww they're absolutely ADORABLE!!!
Thanks so much for posting pics so we can see your cats!

I think most of us on this site have a million pics of our babies
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The black and white cat brings back memorys of growing up in the meadows. There was a Feral Cat that produced many litters. She looked just like that. She was refered to as "Mother". Never could get within 50 feet of them. They were so wild. Yet we were fond of them and gave them names.
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What adorable kitties!! I just love the last picture, that has to be the cutest little face!
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LOL, I think Seph was more peeved at all the pictures I was taking...Both cats seem to give me that look after a picture taking session...Anyways..I have a few more to post..

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