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Who would do this???

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This was emailed to me with the caption:

"Why dogs kill their owners"
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LOL Once I saw that I couldn't stop laughing!!:laughing2

Pugs have always reminded me of little hairy sausages.
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Funny!!!!!! If I came across that in the street, I think I'd laugh and point! Poor puppies......
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That is way tooo funny!
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Heidi! I thought this was going to be another heart-wrenching abuse story!! LOL I love this!
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poor puppies! I'd want to kill too.
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LOL :LOL: Poor puppies. I would be so mad if my owner made me wear something stupid like that.
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LOL, that's funny!!!
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Those poor puppies! They don't look a bit thrilled! :LOL:
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:LOL: Good point!
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LOL some ppl do some strange strange things to their pets and they think its really cute.
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It's true - the dogs are kind of cute, but I bet the owner is a complete lunatic about them!

Remember that lady years ago used to show up David Letterman and dress those cockatiels in little costumes?
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I've seen a couple a websites that sell costumes for birds, eek.

What about at christmas time petsmart had a santa on weekends for your dog to pose with:laughing2:? I think of my animals as children, but that is going to far:LOL:.

Or people that plan lavish weddings for their animals, yikes:laughing:.

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:LOL: !!! I just got that in an email and sent it to loads of people - I didn't know uit was already on the site!! Sorry to the people I sent it to!! :LOL: But it IS soooo funny!!!
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:tounge2: My doggies posed with santa at pet supplies plus BUT all the proceeds went to the MSPCA and my pups even make the cover story in the newspaper.
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As long as it's for a good cause....

Jessica - Just please tell me that you didn't send the pics of your dogs with Santa out as your Christmas card! LOL

I've actually gotten a card like that before. I'm a total freak about my cats, as we all are, but I don't think most people I know appreciate them on the same level.
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The parents of a friend of mine took their dogs to PetSmart to be photographed with Santa. The funny thing was, they are Jewish. They told me it was the closest they could get of a Hannuka (so sorry if it's mispelled) picture.
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You know, I remember Chanukah cards with these sentimental pictures of round-cheeked little boys in yarmulkes gently lit by the light of the menorah.

I suddenly got a mental image of the same picture, only with an Irish setter instead of a kid!

I think it's kind of funny, but I bet other people would be offended . . .
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